Auto-combine multiple recordings of same activity

In my  history, I have the same activity recorded with multiple apps or devices. Strava shows me as completing the activity with "myself". It would be great if Strava automatically combined these into one activity so as not to inflate stats, while maintaining the multiple files in the history.


After Strava dropped heart rate monitor support, I have started using another app for recording heart rate data. However, the other apps don't do nearly as good of job with GPS as Strava. (The can take 10 minutes to finally pick up GPS signal, while Strava now shows it immediately. So I end up with one activity with reliable heart rate data, but poor GPS, and another with good GPS, but no heart rate. I've even tried watch data to compare, and end up with three copies of the same activity. Strava identifies me as riding with myself. The heart rate and GPS data are all similar but a little different.




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  • This seems like a no-brainer! Especially not double-counting the miles, I hate having an artificially inflated mile count

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