Memories / 'on this day' Activity Feature

I would love to see a feature that shows what activity I did 'on this day' as part of my feed, as I have so many activities that I'm proud of or something unusual happened but gets buried amongst the heap of other activities.

And even better, could share within the feed (maybe a Premium feature), much like the Facebook feature.

Does anybody agree with me? If so, please upvote this!



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    Strava does have a Your Activity from a Year Ago feature available for all athletes on both mobile apps. To locate this feature please use the Explore tab> For You> scroll down below suggested challenges. 

    A few things to note about this feature:

    1. It will use any activity type.

    2. If there are multiple activities from a day it will pick one randomly.

    3. The feature searches for activities uploaded from a year ago within a 48 hour span so you may notice this being a day off.

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