2019 Year in Sport disappoints.

This year, the 2019 Year in Sport review was lacking and unfriendly for several reasons. 1st: for all the talk about community and riding running exercising together with other athletes, they left out all the stats in how you trained with other people. I miss seeing who I rode with the most, and would think this would be an area to drastically improve upon. Strava stats in the most commented or liked ride were gone, biggest riding partner- gone.... these should come back and grow. Biggest group activity, favorite location, avg activity duration, etc. 2nd. The social media aspect was subpar. The only stats you could actually share was the equivalent of a hard to read screenshot. Serious downgrade there from years prior. 3. The swiping and interactive vibe of the the Year in Sport was annoying and not entertaining. Swipe up or down to reveal your stats.... swipe sideways to see the next category... it got boring quick and felt cheap. And a category for shortest activity... cmon who did t have a strava fuck up that only recorded a few seconds and bam here is a reminder for you. Lame AF category and total waste of time. 4th. Finding the 2019 Year in Sport was difficult and intermittently available in the feed. Overall: What a terrible way to celebrate a years worth of awesomeness.



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