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Hi there Strava, 

There hasn't been much movement on the heatmap in quite a long time... Thought I would start a more general discussion around heat maps as this feature has so much potential on so many levels. 

Couple of things that strike me immediately as possible easy updates: 

- All Activities: Expand the Hmap to all other activities (individually & for all activities combined). 

- Activity Linking: Being able to click on the route, on the heatmap itself, linking it back to the activity in question 

- Interactive: Rather than having to have separate Hmaps, have one interactive map where you can filter live on it (different years, activity types, races only, toggle to global heatmap, switch between satellite/standard topo)

- Overlaying: Seeing friends heat maps overlaid over your own (subject to this being public of course) / Seeing your different years/activity types overlaid on the same map but in different colours to differentiate


These are not exhaustive but would be great initial updates to a tool that could be very powerful.

Any comments and thoughts on the heat maps in general are welcome here and look forward to discussing this with the community.  



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  • Oh yes. I understand heat maps take storage and processing power (current implementation is a separate set of map tile images, hence the limitation now for just a handful of them per user..), but at the very least there should be a generation option for not just running or not just cycling, but for more activity types.

    At the very least there should be a generating selection that includes all activities, even if that would replace the current separate running/cycling options,leaving users only with a handful of heat map generating slots with different temporal selections.

    If even that is it feasible, please (optionally) update the current generating options so that "running" could include walking and hiking as well, and possibly "biking" include e-bike and virtual biking?

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