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  • I would like a note box, like the current Description field, that is private to me, even on my public rides.  It would allow me to store private data in here about my ride, that I do not want visible to others (even my friends), whilst the rest of the ride is publicly visible.  And option might be to make the Description field manually switchable to make private even on a public ride rather than add another field.  This would work for me.

    I have two reasons for this:

    If I were working to take a segment KOM, I might put in details of how I approached that particular segment, which I didn't want others to know about. Details I've wanted to record before have been things like the speed I could safely hold round a bend/corner approaching the segment and exactly where to hit the maximum power switch.  Obviously the ride needs to be public for a KOM attempt, but the way I approached it should be my private notes.

    I might also put in specific medical details, again I don't want anyone else to know about, but I want to be able to remind myself about at a later date, when reviewing a ride.  This use case came to me today as I am currently on medication and noticed my heart rate and power were much lower than normal, despite my effort level being normal (and me being well rested).  I wanted to keep private notes to remind me should I look at this ride in the future and wonder why my heart rate was so low.

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  • Please make the option to hide the start time of an activity to also include FOLLOWERS. It seems a simple on/off slide or radio button select option from within the activity would work. The user can have a selected default and change as needed depending on the activity.

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  • I would like to completely block a stalker from seeing anything about me for my personal safety. However, I am trying to move on and live my life, and competing in public leaderboards is important to that effort. Could you please make it possible for me to compete in public leaderboard challenges (which requires me to make my rides visible to “everyone”) without allowing him to even see a single piece of info about me?? Even though I currently have him blocked, he can still see how many times I’ve ridden in the past four weeks and what neighborhood I have listed as my home area. (Yikes!!!) and also some other info about me. Please take women’s safety seriously!!!!!!! You’ll get a lot more women subscribers if you do. I will delete my subscription if I don’t get some ability to control what this creep sees. If you have any women in your life, talk to them about someone who has incessantly contacted them. Listen to their stories. It’s so tiresome to have blocked someone from calling, emailing, and texting you, only to have them try to friend you on Strava, the one place where you come to challenge yourself and blow off the stress from being stalked. Allow to to live my life without this POS lurking at every corner of the internet. Please!!!!!!!

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  • There should be more granularity in the Flyby privacy settings. I should be able to toggle it on by default for anything tagged as a race or by activity type. I should also be able to enable or disable the flyby for an individual activity, similar to the other privacy settings.

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  • More "Who can see" options:

    Hello, while Strava has some privacy controls, it can have a lot more.

    One thing I would love to be able to is to configure further who can see stuff, "Everyone", "Followers", "Only Me" is a bit too few.

    I think you should look at Facebook, which both lets you configure privacy for basically every data as well as a whole lot of options in regards to how you can decide who can see it (for instance hiding/showing to specific/lists).

    You should look into adding the following to "Who can see":

    • Hiding AND/OR show (rather than just show to).
    • Specific people.
    • Lists
    • Friends/followers of followers.

    Privacy is important, and for some more important and even necessary than for others. Strava should be something everyone can use, even those who have more important security/privacy concerns etc. (for instance due to stalkers, violence etc). 

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  • I cannot find the setting to either allow other atheletes to just follow me, or to make them submit a "request to follow" me. You would think it would be in the privacy controls but I just can't see it there.


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  • Cathy Tait this is controlled by your profile's visibility settings (adjust it to "Followers" for this capability).

    You have two options for your profile visibility, Everyone or Followers. In either scenario, there will always be a public version of your profile available to the Strava Community and users on the web. For more information on this setting, see this article.

    • When you select “Everyone”, anyone on Strava can search for and view your complete profile page and activity summaries, as well as follow you.

    • When you select “Followers”, members who follow you can see your complete profile page. Anyone can search for and view certain profile information, and you can approve who follows you.

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  •  - Blocked Persons -


    Why can a person, which I had blocked, can see my name, pictures, kilometers of the last 3 month? I suggest that "blocked" means that that person cannot see anything of my dates on strava. I suggest that blocked persons cannot find me on strava.

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  • Please make it possible to hide activities for specific people.

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  • I would like the ability to Hide HR Data on new activities by default. I am very surprised this is not already possible.

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  • The Strava Beacon feature requires you to upload your whole address book, although one probably only wants to add few contacts if at all. This requirement to upload the whole address book makes no sense and is a disproportional necessity. 

    I want to be able to chose one telephone number only to use the Strava Beacon feature. It would allow me to do keep my address book private and still be safe if something happens. 

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  • Please add an option to disable the auto-group feature completely. I don't want to be grouped with strangers or followers. I want to be able to turn it off completely. Thanks.

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  • Privacy vs. leaderboards:

    I understand the privacy concerns that some people have and I would myself want to restrict my activities only to followers but it would remove me from being able to see where do I score on segment leaderboards which is so much fun. There is a very simple tweak that could keep the privacy intact but allow the competitiveness.

    Here is the proposed change:

    1. Allow activities with PRIVACY=FOLLOWERS to compete on segment leaderboards
    2. This would enable non-followers to click through segment leaderboard and see activity details, which is probably needed to validate fair efforts and prevent cheaters, bad GPS data etc.
    3. In order to improve privacy concern for #2 above, HIDE activity start time from the activity detail non-followers. This will allow anyone to verify the effort but prevent from seeing the actual time of day when it was made, i.e. cannot see when that person is out to run, ride etc.

    This will result in:

    1. Athletes will be able to protect their privacy by not disclosing too much details
    2. Athletes will be able to compete on segments which let's face it, is what makes Strava being Strava
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