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    Please add support for running power through Stryd/Garmin. As it is now, running power is only supported with some other watches or with a "offline" sync of Stryd activities.

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  • Feature request: provide the ability to see mileage by year by bicycle.

    The Training Log currently shows weekly summaries  and I can filter the entire list by activity type. If I filter by Ride, I can narrow down to cycling but can't see any yearly summary or see anything to differentiate mileage by different bicycles.

    This is important for my training because I do recreational rides on one bicycle and training rides on 2 other bicycles, depending on what I'm training for. It is important for bicycle maintenance as well.

    The My Activity screen allows filtering by bicycle no summaries of mileage. The Profile screen shows mileage by bicycle over my entire history of Strava, but not by current year.

    Please add the ability to see mileage by bicycle by year or at least by the current year.

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  • Hallo

    Could we please get the running power data from our compatible Garmin device’s on to Strava please.

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  • Hi Strava,


    Please include (or put back!) the option to NEST activities on our training log:-

    Often I have separate activities on the same day, i.e. warm up, warm down, workout etc. This creates a loooong entry on that day that isn't easy to print off or scan down when I'm comparing weeks or days mileages.

    Previous version of the Training Log had this, can it be put back please?

    Screenshot attached to highlight my point.



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  • Pleas provide standard TSS, ATL, CTL, TSB (by A. Coggan and H. Allen).

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  • New Activity Type: Other

    I see a lot of people suggest a wide range of different activity types. Maybe the best option would be to offer an "Other" type, and potentially give us the option to name our own activity types?

    Strava can't possibly create activity types for every possible type people need, that would result in a vast amount of types which could ultimately make the app less usable. But if you were to offer us the option to make our own types, then we would be able to create our own depending on our needs without affecting Strava as a whole and the other athletes.

    Activity Tags? 

    Another thing that can be considered is the option to tag activities. That could also make it much more easier to compare similar activities without having to use the same activity type. 

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  • Hi, I want to be able to write short private notes (or longer ones that show up if I hover mouse over it) on my training log. I realise I can do this if I write a comment in the description section. But writing a note for oneself is quite a different thing from writing something to be seen by others. I want to be able to record information about the session that I'd not be comfortable with others seeing (super easy to sound like an idiot to others when you're just writing training notes). And having it here in the Training Log section would allow me to see full info about all my runs at once. I'd like to see key information about each run over weeks and months on the training log, so I can get a better overview of my training. Maybe all that's needed is a button beside the activity description box that you can select to make it private. I'm sure lots of people would appreciate this as, like me, they don't want to end up on!


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  • Weekly, monthly and yearly summary of heart rate data

    I would like to have a summary of how much I have trained in different heart rate zones during a week, a month and a year. It could be shown in the same way as it does for a single activity, see figure below, but adding several activities together. It would be helpful to go back and look at this when you want to analyze your shape, why you felt in a bad shape or in a good shape at a certain time.



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  • Downhill Mode

    Implement an activity type that subtracts out lift assisted elevation gains and doesn't count it to your normal cycling statistic. Might also be useful for winter sports. This would really make me consider to pay for the app.



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  • Customizable Colors for Workout Type on the training log. 

    The new training log is pretty good for people that engage in a lot of activity types, however for people that engage principally in one or two it could be better.  Races are coloured Red, but "workouts" are generally coloured with a hash which doesn't stand out from the background the same way.  Even an option like "High-Contrast Workouts" would be good.  An important factor in a good training log is to give you an mile high overview of your year and also make the hard days stand out from the easy imho.

    The old training log had a really nice orange colour for workouts which really made it stand out so the difference between a hard day and an easy day was more pronounced.  Also if I could give 10 votes up for Gary Pibworth's suggestion above I would as it's the main problem with the new log.  The old method where the bubbles grouped together for space saving with overall daily mileage but expanded when clicked was brilliant, hopefully you saved that code!


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  • Did you delete the three years plus feedback regarding Strava's inability to use the Watch as a HRM? 

    Can we PLEASE get Apple HRM data into the Training Log without using the Watch as the recording device? Multiple apps have figured out how to drive and connect Watch to iPhone app simultaneously, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do this, especially on the paid plans. 

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  • Feature request - separate HR zones for running and cycling

    I'm a cyclist and runner and hoping for quite some years that Strava would introduce separate heart rate zones for both sports. As you may know, running and cycling heart rate zones are in a completely different range. My running HR zones are about 6% higher than those for cycling. Post running exercise, this gives a faulty visualization of time spent in the HR zone gauge.

    The pace analysis doesn't cover this data insight either.

    Are there any plans in introducing this any time soon?


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  • Future request: Would it be possible to add Training Log possibility to choose results shown by weeks(already existing), months and years. Then it would be possible to compare activities by km or hours, month on month and year on year. It helps to see a big picture in long term, are you more active then past years or not.

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  • Split MTB/eMTB and roadies KPIs.

    Current KPIs look nice for roadies. Some of them could be good for soft XC riders, but not usable for all the others.

    For examples:
    > FTP estimation is wrong for MTB: more rolling resistance, more weight, more drag.

    > Calorie estimation is wrong: 30km mushroom hunting ride, 70% Z2 -> 990kJ 30km hardcore muddy technical ride, 60% Z3 -> 1100kJ
    I suspect the 1st ride to be a lot over estimated.

    > Use the openstreetmap attributes to estimate the difficulty.
    Compacted track is easier to ride than sand one. And high track IMBA level is harder to ride than lower level.

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  • Feature request:

    Expand statistics past only biking, running, and swimming and include all sports' historical data as well as include gear for all sports. The ability to look at statistics for past years regarding biking, running, and swimming is great and it would be amazing to include this functionality to all sports. In particular, I backcountry ski and would love to be able to see totals for past years, my longest ski, my biggest climb, and be able to add gear to log miles on.


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  • idea for an extra power feature:

    Add the possibility to see your evolution for each power interval, e.g. when I go to the 'power curve' section I would be able to click on the 10s power interval (or any power interval) and that would give me an evolution chart of all my 10s power intervals (see picture). It would be like the Fitness curve but then for each power interval.

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  • On my profile page it shows my stats for 3 activity types, running, cycling, and swimming only. This is not very useful to me since the only one of those I do at all is cycling and I hike and walk for the most part. Would it be possible to select our top 3 activities and be able to show those? There are several places in Strava where things are heavily slanted to only those 3 activities and I'm sure I'm not the only one who mainly does other activities. Also, I would sure like to be able to get totals from the my activities page and be able to select by date ranges.

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  • A useful feature would be interval detection. Whatever code you already have to identify "fastest 400m" and "fastest mile" that occurs anywhere within a run, could also be used here to either auto-detect intervals within a workout and produce splits, or detect specific intervals indicated by the user. For instance, I could indicate a workout as a 5xMile fartlek (with 400m jog rest), and instead of showing up as a 6 mile run with a 6:40 average and estimated mile splits of 6, 7, 7, 7, 6, Strava could-auto detect where the miles began and end and report the splits for the "on" intervals at 6-flat each. The option to click on any of the intervals to analyze them separately would also  be superb.

    This would also reduce the need to crop our warm-ups and cool-downs out of activities, so we can keep that mileage counting toward our weekly totals and against our shoe wear without it dragging down the performance metrics or (alternatively) clogging our friends' feeds with three separate activities.

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  • Feature request: add new activity type - "Orienteering".

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  • I would like to be able to select which activity types are summarized in the goal and stats panels. Currently, the panels show cycling, running, and swimming.  I never run or swim so I would like to substitute two other activities for these in the goal and stats panels.  For example, I would like to replace running with walking.

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  • On the profile I can see total miles for Run. And there is an option for bike and swim.

     I want an option for walk.

     Most people I think walk or run and I want to track my miles by run and walk  for I have separate goals for each.  I think this would be an important feature for many users.

    The fact that you can record your activity as a walk but not provide year to date stats is very disappointing  and hard to set goals.

     My year to date summary has total distance which includes walks and runs  so providing in the profile section by type of activity where most people do walk would be a great enhancement appreciated by your users.


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  • Allow users to edit the default "run, cycle, swim" on the dashboard to whatever sport(s) they want.

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  • Need Easier Editing of Gear

    Currently users must log into to switch from their default pair of shoes to another choice. For those of us who rarely us the online portal, this is really inefficient. And because sometimes I forget to do so for a week or so, I often forget which which run I used which shoes.

    This is important because many of us use the km's to help keep track of when to get a new pair. In addition, with sports injuries, sometimes physio's and doctors will ask how many km's are on your shoes to help identify issues. Because I am not an elite athlete, I don't have this down to a science.

    Gear use info might also be useful for your corporate partners? Maybe?

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  • Here is a feature request that I know has been brought up before (on the old forums) that apparently didn't make any traction. Support TRAIL RUN as an activity. Strava has walk, run, hike, road cycle, and mtn bike, why not trail running. It would be wonderful to be able to differentiate between the activities especially for those of us that run more than one surface. A simple fix, and requested frequently, so why not enable this?

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  • Feature request: Provide the option to group activities by month and year much like the Training Calendar does.

    What I really want is to be able to see my monthly summaries by activity type. The training log allows you to select a single activity type but only displays weekly totals. The training calendar shows yearly and monthly totals of all activities and doesn't allow you to see activities of a single type.

    I have 10 years of data on Strava and I like to compare my biking progress across multiple years and same month of each year. I don't want to include all of my hiking and walking data in the totals. There's no way to do this easily without manually extracting the data into a spread sheet.

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  • Hello !
    How about ORIENTEERING ?
    I am from Latvia, orienteering is a popular sport in our country.
    Many of our club members have also joined STRAVA
    We hope to see your sport!
    However, it is not just running.

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  • I think it would be nice to have 'orienteering' and 'trail running' as a types of sport. At least trail running since it might be the most popular form of running right after road running. 

    With this it would be possible to see how much of running has been carried out on the road and off road. Currently I see only running which covers quite many kind of activities. 



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  • I really like Strava and everything is offering but I think you can improve the stats section.

    I practice a lot of sports, like cross countr ski, alpine ski, hike, running, cycling, gym and others and is impossible to have a clear vision of the weekly or monthly activity I do divided per type of sport.

    In the weekly bar chart I'd like to see a total including all the sports I do and the possibility to choose also sport different from running, cycling and swimming. A smart idea could be do the bar chart with different colors for different sports, like you can see in the pictures I attach (from Endomondo).



    Do you think is possible to add this feature?

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  • Surprising to me that there is no "Trail Run" activity choice. Hike and Run independently do not apply to this kind of effort... what do other people choose? I assume Run since that is most of the effort. Please Strava add this option.   

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  • I would like to have a Feed URL where I can subscribe my calendar to my Training Log, or an export button that can import multiple events over a range of dates to a calendar on my computer. It will allow me to have a record in my Calendar (Mac) of the dates, times, and durations of my workout. (I would not like the workout name to be the Title of each calendar entry, just the distance, just like in the Training log). The reason this is important is because my weeks fly by without diligent use of my Calendar to account for my time (and on busy weeks I might make excuses about skipping a workout). It's easy to set upcoming appointments in a calendar, but it takes time to assemble a calendar in hindsight. I found an applet on IFTTT that was supposed to do this for me, however the service says it has successfully run well over 100 times and yet it has never made a single entry in my iOS calendar.  

    I am going to go check if Garmin Connect offers this service because if they do, that solves my problem and explains why Strava hasn't done it yet. However loads of Strava users aren't using Garmin… 

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