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  • I am deeply disappointed that feedback and ideas which your users and customers have painstakingly collected over the years (in the old forum) are worth so little to you that you simply censor it away from one day to the other. It would be fine if you would at least provide read access to the old posts.

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  • Well, it's good to see that Strava is trying to overhaul the community discussion forum and make it more useful and actionable. I think you clearly will need more staff, and you also would be well-advised to respond to popular user ideas with the likelihood that things will be implemented. E.g., "This idea that has 100 upvotes is great, but it would involve a complete overhaul of XX so it's unlikely to happen in the near future. We're sorry that this is the case..." or with messages of affirmation that features addressing user feedback are on the way soon.

    You also might want to advertise that there is a new user discussion forum. Anyone who tried to post here before likely got so discouraged by the proliferation of identical threads and the lack of implementation of user ideas that they won't come back here unless you explicitly advertise that you are trying harder to collect and implement user feedback.

    Note as well that the discussion board seems to represent the only avenue for user feedback about non-bug issues. There is no number to call with a suggestion or idea, no email address to send something to, etc. So if Strava is serious about user feedback, this place should be absolutely hopping. 


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  • This isn't really a forum when there is no way for users to create new topics like it was possible in the previous version.

    Also, there are no predefined topics whatsoever for the Strava platform itself - suggestions for new features, feedback on existing features, issues with the apps, etc.

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  • I want to make a suggestion, but feel there is no avenue for that here.  I have stopped using Strave because I don't want it to post every activity I do - I record walks for my own information, but don't want people scoffing at a 1.5k walk - when it isn't intended for public info.  I feel I have no control, or if I do, its buried under lots of faff.


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  • Traci Hall - you can set the default activity settings so that only you see them, by going to Settings >> Privacy Controls >> Activities and changing the option underneath. 

    Forum suggestion: enable threaded replies so that users can answer each others' questions! 

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  • So you simply deleted all of the historical posts? I've just been browsing a bunch of them by selecting the view cache option.

    This seems very disrespectful to your customers and is a loss of a great resource for customers to research.

    It feels like the equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears and loudly singing "la la la la..."

    I'd be very happy if you could correct me and point me to where the old posts can be found.

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  • I want ___
    Strava to not have deleted the years and years worth of old forum posts where their customers had collated and explained tons of issues with Strava in detail .

    It will allow me to ___
    Know that Strava take this forum seriously, rather than a box-ticking exercise. A bit like the elevation basemap feedback form where you take time out of your day to highlight problems which just disappear into a black hole

    The reason that is important is because of ___.
    It’s not really, is it? It’s not like Strava have any viable competition, so they can just treat customers how they fancy.

    An example of when I needed that was ___.
    Just now, when I wearily checked in on the forum to see if any action was being taken on the countless cries for help there, and found no, they’d just all been removed instead.

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  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our forum changes. Over the last seven years our forum had grown unwieldy. Our small team struggled to engage with you on the 8000+ threads, which meant that we couldn't keep conversations on-topic or well-organized. Searching for a specific topic was difficult due to the clutter, which resulted in duplicated threads. Ultimately this forum change came down to us realizing we could do better, but that it would require us to start with a clean slate. We didn't take this decision lightly—we knew that you had taken your time to share your ideas over the years and we didn't want you to think we didn't care about your ideas. We audited our top forums before archiving them and will even keep this archive for our product teams to sift through over the next few weeks.


    This will be a collaboration between our employees and you, our community, so we invite you to share what's working and what's not in this thread. If there is a topic that you think warrants its own thread, please cast your vote here. We can't approve everything, and we do want to be thoughtful by adding threads at a sustainable pace, but we are here to listen and will take the time to read each new comment.


    We're committed to upholding our promise— we want to do a better job of providing you with feature updates, keeping you updated on our future plans, and answering your questions about our roadmap.


    You can read more about our reasoning for the change by visiting this Help Center announcement:

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  • Saying "it’s impossible to engage with 8000+ threads" is slightly disingenuious. Obviously I can’t review the old forum as I don’t have access to it, but from memory of those 8000 threads, only a handful had significant upvotes and discussion: a far more manageable number.

    Whilst I agree it’s unreasonable to try and rationalise "8000+" threads, it’s not beyond a company of Strava’s resources to read and migrate a few hundred over the course of a few weeks.

    I’m not precious about a "create new topic" button. There is a means to create new topics: comment on the "please create a new topic" thread. It’s convoluted, and antagonistic to customers… but it gets the job done.

    Ultimately, Strava, like most tech companies are great at saying "we totally care", and have a terrible track record of "caring".

    I had high hopes when subscriptions were rationalised, and the product focus shifted to "training", but when I swing by the forum to find out that it was just 'too difficult' to migrate years’ worth of work by your users & customers, and that ‘this is a collaboration’… but ‘we’ll make it harder than it needs to be for customers to collaborate’, I see heavy hints that the words have changed, but the firm’s DNA remains the same.

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  • No idea if this is the right place, your new forum is confusing as hell.
    Either way.... 

    Add new thread: Activity / Activities

    You have threads for Training Log, Routes, but you don't have one just for Activities. I find this very strange as Strava is basically built upon activities. Training Log, Achievements, Goals, Segment Leaderboards etc all depends and are based on data from Activites.There should therefore be a thread where we can suggest things about/for Activities

    For instance; I often see people suggest changes or new activity types in the Training Log, but those suggestions does not really have anything (directly) to do with the training log.

    Thus, it would be best that there is a thread specifically for Activities which can be used for suggesting changes to existing activity types, suggest new activity types and more. 

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  • Strava please add down hill live segment back on, or give u a option to select it that the person takes responsibility for their action. You have it on the phone but not on my wahoo. It doesn’t make sense. Please fix!!!

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  • A few forum suggestions:

    1.  Forum  is hard to find, as it is lumped in the main menu with Help and Support, there should be a separate top level menu item Community Discussion.

    2.  Posts are ordered chronological, oldest at the top, should be newest at the top, first look is that it is inactive as the first post is a month old.

    3.  In order to post you need to have gone through three menu clicks (main menu, Community Discussion, and then subject thread itself, again this will not encourage participation.

    4. We all wonder what happened to all of our old suggestions in the old community discussion, which we might have spent time writing, and they have disappeared.

    I do appreciate the effort to improve the community suggestions.

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  • Another suggestion , in line with my point 3. in my post above is to have a Community Discussion in all menu items, so if I want to post a suggestion it is automatically sorted by the context in which I clicked on Community Discussion.  

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  • Hello, is there a plan to add activity type "kick scooter"? I am just finding some replacement for Endomondo and it is one of the points for my decision.

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  • Dear Strava, there must be a serious problem with your fitness metric algorithm in recent weeks and I'm now disregarding it. My weekly running distances are stable or rising at 45-50km per week, my speed and PBs are increasing and my heart rate is falling (including resting average), yet your fitness metric, having been steadily rising for months, has recently decided to nose dive for no obvious reason. It's obviously wrong and contradicts Garmin too, so I felt it worth bringing to your attention. Best wishes, Alex Ritchie, London UK

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  • I agree with @Martan Aboitiz especially his point #4. I feel completely ignored by, unimportant to, and even abandoned by Strava and its "support". This new "forum" may have some merits, so I will not comment much on that, but to completely ignore the suggestions that were entered into the old system is frustrating and even irresponsible. If you don't listen to your customers's ideas, someone else will. And, then you won't have to worry about being burdened by your customers any more.

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  • I would like to be able to filter my activites by type (run, for example), and by date range, and by distance, all on the same page. I could do this in Endomono and I really miss this capability. 

    I have nearly 3,000 activities in my strava history, spanning nearly ten years. Quite frequently I'm wanting to answer these types of questions: 

    -How many fifty milers have I run? 

    -What year did I run that one backcountry route that was around 50 miles long? 

    -I remember doing a really cool run, around 35 miles, but I don't remember when I did it, and I really want to find the track so I can share the route with a friend. Solution: If I could filter for activities between 32 and 37 miles I'd probably be able to find it pretty quickly. 

    Thank you,

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