GPX export from app missing HR data

I have an Android device that I use as a bike computer (for Strava, OsmAnd and such) which I only use in off-line mode. I use a BLE heart-rate monitor. So far my workflow has been to use home wi-fi to let Strava app upload the activities after the ride, but once in the absence on wi-fi I resorted to app's functionality to export the ride as GPX and then to manually upload the GPX file. Much to my surprise, the heart rate data was missing from the resulting upload...

Later on I specifically did a test where I recorded an activity in off-line mode, exported it as GPX from the Android app, went on-line and let Strava upload the activity, then downloaded the activity GPX file from Strava web and compared... Indeed, the GPX file coming from the web has HR data, while the GPX from Android app does not :( Granted, Strava does all kinds of calculations and smoothing on the data on-line and the resulting GPX file differs slightly (timestamps and GPS coordinates).

Still the absence of HR data in the Android app GPX export limits the possibility to use Strava in off-line mode.



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  • I'm facing the same issue. I'm using trainingpeaks and when I miss my garmin at home and use my smartphone and then upload the gpx file to training peaks it doesn't contain the heartrate data. 

    Is there any way to fix that ? 

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  • Nevermind, found it. Had to manually add /export_tcx to the activity URL and then upload this file which contains heart rate and power data. Would be good to be able to choose export format without the need of such trick.

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  • how is this not implemented yet?

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