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I know this is a long-standing issue, but I'd like to make the point for giving users the possibility of manually editing distance and time of existing activities.

I understand that the logic is that Strava does not want challenges and records to be affected. Bu this is a huge inconvenience for users who care little about challenges and records, but on the other hand, want an accurate record of their ACTUAL activities.

A possible solution would be:

a) users are allowed to edit distance and time so that their totals are accurate (and similar across platforms)

b) Challenges keep recording the original activity and not the edited one. I can leave with a month challenge underreporting my number of km. But I am annoyed by Garmin Connect and Strava giving different totals for activities.

What does support think of this?



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  • I would consider "paying" for other Strave features over what Garmin Connect gives you if they allowed you to "fix" distant and time due to human or GPS mistakes.

  • This is so frustrating. It would be nice to edit an indoor spin class with mileage. Why is this not doable? I don't want to delete my Garmin data and do a manual entry every single time I do a Spin workout. Ugh. This seems to defeat one of the purposes of Strava - easily keeping track of your workout data. 



  • I’d like to be able to fix incorrect treadmill data. Tonight, I ran 6 km but my Garmin watch reported just over 5 km. 

  • Yet another trivial easy to implement requirement that they will never, ever get around to implementing.  I did a half-m yesterday with a PB which, due to my Garmin not recharging the night before, I added as a manual entry.  Despite the distance being entered as 13.1 miles (the pretty much defacto known distance in miles for a half, right?) it decided to convert that to 21.08 km instead of 21.09, which as it hasn't registered as my new half marathon PB, I'm assuming 21.09 is what Strava is expecting.

    I >could< delete it and do it again yes, but I've got some nice comments history on there which I didn't want to lose and THIS SHOULD BE AS EASY AS EDITING ANYTHING ELSE ON THE ACTIVITY!!!  SORT IT OUT STRAVA!

    THIS my friends is why so few people pay for the "extras".

  • Why can I not edit a treadmill run to add the distance? I am not interested in deleting it then adding it manually - I get the feed from my Polar app.

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