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After "Save Activity" screen was redesigned recently, I really do not like a few things with it:

 - "Discard Activity" button is DEFINITELY too close to potentially-commonly-used button of "Toggle Private" (or any other button, actually). When I finish a ride, my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, and it's quite difficult (at least on my screen and on my phone) to tap correct button with sweaty, dripping fingers :) A few times I had to dismiss the dialog with a question "Do you wish to discard this activity?".

 - Big, orange "Save Activity" button shifted out of the view and it caused that most essential action is not immediately visible and easily available. I think that "Commute" tag, "Toggle private" button and "Hide from segment leaderboards" toggle could be shifted down, with possibly most recent value remembered, and "Share to facebook" and "Discard activity" buttons could be moved to the very bottom of the view. But that's just my idea.

I attach the screenshot of my screen just to show how it looks with resolution and layout of my device.


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  • I think the UX team in Strava are fresh outta uni. Sooo many things wrong with it. THIS being the biggest, and so obvious.

    What percentage of activities will want to be deleted after it is stopped by the user?

    I'll hazard a guess at <0.5%

    So move the delete button far away, all by itself.

    Think about the user journey when an activity is finished - usually a combination or all of.... toggle private, toggle commute, hit save. That is a "bang bang bang" rhythm. All those buttons should be beside each other.

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