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In the leaderboad section of the Clubs wwould it be possible to include a filter for how many PR's a member has acheived during a week?  Could act as motivation for people to improve on segment times.



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  • This would be a great feature and one that I have been looking for.  We have just established a junior MTB strava club for our racing academy (12-17years).  We will have 30 riders of varying ability.  I don't want the same few riders at the top of leaderboards - setting personal goals (PR's) would be a great incentive for all.


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  • Try - it might give you what you are looking for.

    It ranks by PRs (as well as many other criteria) for clubs you are a member of and for your group of friends (i.e. your personal club).

    Rather than a weekly leaderboard it is a rolling 4 week leaderboard - so there is never a 'winner', it just keeps rolling over.

    To get most from it you need friends / other club members to sign up. And then you link to each other via the site. Until recently that was done automatically via Strava 'friends' but currently the friends API is out of action. Fingers crossed Strava will reintroduce it soon.

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