Free Premium Trial?

When I first signed up for Strava on my iPhone, there was an offer for a free trial of the Premium features.  I declined at the time, but a few minutes after that changed my mind.  Now I can't find that option anywhere; just the option to start paying.

Any way to do the free Premium trial at this point, or am I just out of luck?



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    Please choose the Submit a Request option at the bottom of this article and contact us directly in regard to a free trial. We'd be happy to help out, and will follow up with you within a day. 


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  • Wow no one replied to this???? I have the same question. Not going to pay unless I can try it out. 

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  • I took the bait and went for the free trial! And they already charged my account! I don't get it, how can they start charging me!!!

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  • Strava? I've got the same question as Mitch. Reply please? I'm considering buying a few months of premium membership next spring but I would love to have at least a month this fall to see how it goes.

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  • Same question as Mitch, Charles, Nico and Alec above........been impressed with what I have seen so far and would like to try out Premium before I sign up for it. 

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