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 I see that a lot of people have this problem:

The volume of the notification of strava (speed etc) is low, you cannot hear it.

Is there already a solution for this?




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  • I cannot hear the volume when walking or running.  It is on but so low I can't hear it.

    I cannot find and setting to up it.  Any help?


  • Também estou com esse mesmo problema.... o volume está muito baixo e não sei o que fazer... Ajuda?


  • The audio cues on my series 3 Apple Watch are very quite, can you adjust the volume? I can’t hear it over the music on my wireless headphones.

  • I can’t see the comments on the low volume question above.

    I hit the sort by and get two blank boxes.

    I was ready to go premium until I started having this problem. Now I’m looking for a new app.

    Anyway we can fix this cuz I like strava and don’t understand why it’s a problem.

  • I had the same issue. When you turn the volume up all the way it says “ringer” volume on my iphone. It’s like you can’t turn the iphone app volume up. I fixed it by stopping my ride, then pushing the volume button up straight away. You should notice it doesn’t say ringer volume. It only works for a second so you might need to repeat this a couple of times. I hope this helps.

  • Bonjour,j ai le meme probleme le volume est tres bas ,je viens de changer de telephone ,avant cela fonctionner tres bien sur samsug ,mais la j ai un motorola est le volume est tres bas et personne ne peut aider ? merci


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