Live segment change from "your best time" to "best time overall"??

Somehow over the last week, the cycling live segment announcement on my android changed from "your best time" to "best time overall".  

There is usually 3 live announcements for each segment - start of segment, half way, and final time.  The first two announcements (start and half way) used to be based on "your best time".  I really liked that as it motivated me to try to better my time.

Now the app is announcing the best time overall and half way best time overall, which I don't have a prayer of ever getting close to.  It's pretty dang unmotivating. 

Is there a way I can switch it back to "you best time" for the beginning and half way?  




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    Sorry for the trouble - it looks like we introduced the error last week and are working on a resolution. Unfortunately, I don't have an exact ETA on a resolution at this time, but hopefully will be fixed soon.

    Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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  • I have the same problem.
    That began to happen after upgrading to the latest version 4.12.
    I sent an email warning of this, they sent me the previous version 4.11.1, but continues with the same problem, they must have changed something else.
    I think the same as you, it was very motivating try to improve your own times, but listen to the best ime overall, it is very demotivating

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  • -1
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  • Jim - I've noticed this too, and also haven't been able to find a means of switching back. 

    Strava Wizards - any suggestions?!

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  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks much for the response.  If you guys use defect tracking, is there a way I could be a subscriber?   I understand if it's internal only.

    Thanks again,



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  • I have to say that I'm really appreciative that Sean (as a representative of the Strava team) is classifying this as a bug.   In a previous life I was a software technical lead and manager so I know how these things go.

    All I could think of when I heard the overall best time announcement was, "Holy cow am I slow!"  :-)    

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  • Hi Sean: 

    Tested today the trouble was fixed. Thanks!!!

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