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I am a bit surprised that the training plans do not show up anywhere in the app - that all that I get is an email reminder.


Ideally you could see/modify your training plan in app, but also setup the "training plan" in the app before you begin - with the app telling you when you have made your goal for the training session, along with any interval work that should otherwise appear.

Ideally - if you had a 50 minute run, and you crossed over 50 minutes, it would tell you "mission accomplished" or some such thing.



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  • I completely agree. The Training Plans implementation in Strava is a complete joke. Tranining Plans were teased and described vaguely enough in the app to get me to drop the $6 for a one month premium subscription... only to realize they're delivering the "premium" service via email like it's 2003. For what it's worth, RunKeeper does it exactly like you described and I'll likely go back to it for my training plans.

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  • I agree with "The Training Plans implementation in Strava is a complete joke" at all !!!

    Started to try and use Strava, but after only 2 days back to Runkeeper 

    I need visual and audio progress while workout.


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  • I am really annoyed. They totally teased the training plan... the wording of their adverts were a bit tricky and made it seem like we could finally get the training plan on the phone I signed up for Summit only to find out they STILL DONT. What year is it people? 2018! A training plan should be available on my mobile device and Apple Watch. I want my money back. 

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  • I also feel cheated...i dont see no training plans nowhere... and i've paid for it!

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  • Yeah, they need to refund those who signed up just for the plan. The whole point is to use your data to customize plans and give feedback on how you're progressing, etc. How hard can that be? How can they charge us for such a basic plan which is just emailed to you? Even the email has no personalized info. Even a simple this is how you're doing so far would have been ok. 

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  • Can’t believe the training plans aren’t even on the app. Waste of money!

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