Choose custom radius for the Privacy Zone

Some time ago it was possible to adjust the size (radius) of the privacy zone, but at some point that feature was lost. Please bring it back. For circular rides that leave in one direction and return in the other, the current circle is so small as to allow almost exact pin-pointing.



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  • This really needs to happen. A 1 or 2 mile buffer option would be great for people who live in rural areas with low housing densities. 

  • Yes I don't know how large it is right now but I need to know how large it it before I set one up. 100m or so would be best for me

  • I really would like to see this bought back as well.

  • This obvious missing feature is a big issue for me. I live in on small housing estate that has lots of segments starting finishing near my house. I'd really like to set a diameter of 100m. Come on Strava, please bring this feature back!

  • A fixed radius won't hide your location. It only takes three points on a circle with unknown radius to pinpoint the location you're trying to hide. For increased privacy, the radius around the location you wish to hide should be randomized for each activity that starts/ends at that location. Better yet, don't turn your GPS on/off in your driveway.

  • Yes yes yes I completely & utterly agree!

  • Jonathan - your link doesn't work for me....

    returns "You do not have access to this topic.  You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this Zendesk for further help."

    I'd like a user-set zone size, and I'd probably go 100 or 200 metres.  On the flip side I can see a need for large zones for other people.

  • A fixed radius is absolutely fine Patrick, you don't have to enter your own address to centre the privacy zone on, and postal/zip codes are not necessarily centred on your own property either.  I was advised to enter a zone and if it was too big, delete it and re-enter it to reduce it.  It works up to a point, I think it goes from 1k to 500m; still to big for me and agree with others having an option to reduce it to 100m would be ideal.

  • I set my privacy zone to centre on a location away from my house, to prevent triangulation, but I would like to be able to make it smaller in my urban case, and I could see how people might want to make it bigger if they live in a low density area. Setting lots of private spaces would be a drag. Perhaps it would be nice to be able to set the shape (circular, square, star) and an N/S W/E offset. 

    Relatedly, another way of providing a privacy zone on ride starts would be to have a delayed start option, for start in x seconds/minutes, which would allow us to put a strava app running tablet away,  go down stairs, go outside, clip in, get up speed, get a few blocks away, or whatever. I know that other apps have a start countdown. Strava seems to start as soon as I press that button. I will be submitting a feature request for a delayed start countdown now. please vote for it. 

  • It would be nice to be able to draw on the map the zones you like blanked out.

    As for turning GPS on and off not in driveway, this won't matter if you start  it inside the privacy zone, and realistically, who wants to stop 1km from your house, get the phone out, start recording and move on

  • Yes agreed - if you live rural the current system gives it away. It must only be a couple of lines of code to allow the user the options to set the radius.

  • I've changed my mind - a circle around home is nothing less than a bullseye.


    I want to define a privacy box / polygon, that I can use to blot out my whole street  even though I live near the end of it.    Can't be any harder than a circle.


  • Criggie

    In the meantime, you can set the circles off-centre and set more than one of them.

  • I would also love to see a user variable radius for the privacy zone. I don't need 500 - 1000m (as there are segments near my house) but I appreciate riders in a rural area may want a larger radius.
    Another alternative to entering an address, would be to allow dropping a pin on a map. That could then overlay the privacy zone and the user could decide to move the pin or leave it. Perhaps the privacy zone (as shown on a map) could also be clicked and dragged to make the radius larger or smaller.
  • The problem I'm having is that there are segments to close to my house which I cannot get on the leaderboard for. I live in a low density area, but there is a short running trail up in my woods, I run it frequently and lap after lap but when I enter my adress the privacy circle is wide and covers the whole segment.

    What I would like is basically being able to draw my own privacy zone and not use an circle. The houses here are located close to the (only) road and I could block of a part of that road and all the houses around it for a certain length. If there is no houses any way there's not really a point for a blocking the area.


    What I gather from this thread that is was people want, being able to draw their own privacy zone.. 

  • Peter,

    Can't you add someone else's address as the centre of your privacy zone such that your houses is covered but the trail you frequently lap is not?

    I used the address of business establishments as the address for my off centre privacy zone.

    Of course, the ability to draw ones own privacy  zone would be preferable but, in the meantime.


  • I did that actually and managed to get it right. Tricky though because there is so few houses between the land and the forest.
  • Thanks for all the feedback regarding customizable Privacy zones. This is very much on our radar, but there are no specific plans at this time.

    Just as an FYI, you can enter a latitude/longitude coordinate in the box where you enter an address. This is helpful to set the center of the zone exactly where you would like it. 

  • I know someone who had their bike stolen, despite having a privacy zone. It only takes a few seconds, regardless of whether you have a privacy zone or not, for someone to find out where you live and steal your bike. However, I also want to increase my number of followers and people I can communicate with on Strava without having to worry about my bike, and I feel enabling customisable privacy zones should be top of stravas priority list.

  • I'm in a city, 100 meters is more then enough!
  • +1

    I would also love to see a user variable radius for the privacy zone. Living in a dense area I want a smaller zone than the current fixed one which blots out a lot of local segments, but I appreciate those in a rural area may want a larger radius.

  • My house sits within a triangle of great segments, some within 50 meters.  The ability to define my own geo-fence (as we call them in the trade) for a privacy area would be great.

    Something like how this works would be great:

  • I agree -- I live in San Francisco and especially with running for which typical activity distances are less, a higher fraction of attractive segments are within a 1 km radius.  It's easy enough to increase the size via superposing multiple zones, but decreasing zone size is essentially impossible.  It seems fairly straightforward for users to be able to control the radius, as was formerly possible.

  • We really need this! That shouldn't be pretty easy to implement.

    I had to remove my hidden location because the default radius was hiding my running area: a loop within the privacy area.

  • For me, I've live on two dead end roads where I am either the only, or one of 3 houses that are even in the privacy zone.  It wouldn't be that difficult for anyone to narrow it down to only 3 addresses given this.  I would need a  radius of close to 1.5k at least for privacy zones to even mean anything.

  • Thanks for the comments! This is still on our radar, and I continue to share your feedback with the team. 

  • I would like to have my privacy zones but still be able to use segments near me.

  • Elle, there's a plugin here and that we've used to do what I think is required if that helps?

  • We live in such a rural area that the privacy zone doesn't even cover the whole postcode so our house isn't even in it. Please let us choose the size of our own privacy zones.
  • I have wanted a polygon since before I joined Strava. :)

    Randomised circle radius (suggested by Patrick Strahm above) doesn't help, just delays the inevitable: collect enough samples then you see the random distribution and still pinpoint the centre of the privacy circle without much trouble. I love heatmaps for example, and the circle is pretty obvious on a thorough long-term heatmap.

    I thus also choose a circle centre that isn't my home, but it's painful to try to find the address that matches the circle I like (that's still the case, right?) - I used reverse address lookups with Google Maps. It would be much better if I could simply click on a map, or even just enter lat/long for that matter. Much easier to tweak and get it just right.

    Ideally I want to draw a polygon though, then I can choose exactly up to which point I'm happy to reveal usage of what "access route" to my neighbourhood.

    For my experience, customisation is necessary for two reasons:

    • house in South Africa is in a rural area, making it much easier to determine exactly where someone lives.
    • houses/flats in Switzerland have your name on the front door / mailbox, that's how you get your mail delivered. Meaning if I want to be social and have my first name and even just one letter of my surname on Strava, it is just a tiny little bit of trouble to go visit the houses in the neighbourhood to find out exactly which door is my front door, and what is my garage entrance. This can't be helped: one has to either use a fake name, or make the privacy zone as large as possible to increase the area that needs to be searched. "As large as possible" without ruining nearby segments means I need the polygon / need the ability to effectively have per-access-route control of my privacy zone.


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