Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • I was looking everywhere in Strava where this can be done without even thinking that this option is not possible. Finally after all searches I find out that even being a premium user I cannot do this. Sorry guys, but this is totally unacceptable. I received recommendations from my coach do not share my HR and PWR data and I cannot do this because there is no option in strava. Well, either you fix it ASAP please or there is no reason to have premium anymore. Thanks for understanding.    

  • @Tomas Tomaska Is simply... you have to becom a prof!

    The feature we ask is implemented only for professional riders...

  • Nothing changed since, so I've cancelled my premium account. 

  • If privacy is a top priority for Strava then why is this request still open after three years ? Heart rate is by nature, private.


  • I will not extend my Strava Premium subscription in January 2017 too since nothing changed here in years now.

  • Elle Anderson says privacy is a top priority yet 3 years of asking for this all she can do is thank us for our continued support of this request?  Is this woman on drugs?

  • Still nothing here.

    Have to cancel my premium account an opt out as well. Don't want the data from my intervals and races be available for the competition.

  • Follow this issue.

  • You all do realize you can make activities private right?  

    Besides, what is someone else going to do with your data?  Will it help them tactically mid race to know what your W/kg over a 5 minute interval is? Will them knowing your at 160 bpm at a specific pace on a climb help them drop you anymore than they already would anyway?

    To Paul:  I would assume the only people here on drugs are those that don't want others to see their performance data.

  • To Jaanus:  If you're worried about privacy maybe start with not making your account public?

  • Thank you Brad for the insight.


    I do want people in my training groups etc to see when, where, how long, what route or sport I have done. Compete in segments etc but I don't want my specific training data to be available (when I do intervals, what wattage, how long, how many, or what my race wattage has been etc).

  • I'd like to hide the estimated power graph (as I don't have a power meter) in order to make the other graphs that are of interest to me bigger, that is, with a more useful and an informative y-axis.  The current tiny plots are terrible and just make things look flat.

  • Years later and this still hasn't been implemented......

    Strava is clearly a company that doesn't listen to its customers

  • I'd also like to be able to hide power and heart rate from my activities

  • I would like to become a Premium Member but I won't pay until the I have the ability to control what data others can see on my activities. There's a guy I ride with who picks on me about my heart rate, etc. and giving him access to my exact power and heart rate data at an exact moment is just fodder for more abuse. It's disappointing to see so many requests for this feature go ignored for so many years.  

  • Karen G, I agree it's ridiculous Strava won't make this feature available especially since they already do with professional accounts.  However, I would suggest if this guy gives you such a hard time why would you continue to ride with someone like that?  Not only that, but he is obviously a moron because no matter what your level of fitness is everyone's HR responds differently even if two people are equally fit.  A lot of that is genetics and you really can't compare yourself to anyone else.

  • Vote with your feet.

    It's obvious after commenting and following this request for what seems like 2+ years, that STRAVA is never going to do anything about this. So, as others, I will not pay for a premium membership and continue to use the free Golden Cheetah software to  manage my workouts & biometric data, and then upload my rides to STRAVA using Golden Cheetah, striped of biometrics, for the social aspect. Besides, Golden Cheetah has much better tools for evaluating and monitoring your heart rate, power, fatigue, & fitness levels than STRAVA.

  • C'mon Strava, it doesn't seem so difficult!!!

  • Thanks for the tip re

    I'm heading there now!


  • Paul, I live in a small town and I have one small group of riding friends of which this guy belongs. Agree the comparisons are ridiculous and the guy is a moron but I would still like the option to hide my data from creepy strava stalkers like him.  Also, I noticed you attacking Elle Anderson personally in previous comments. Please stop doing that. She is not a developer and has zero control over the features that strava implements. 

  • Any news about this request?

  • I'd like to be able to capture and track power and HR data against each activity, but I don't want to have to share that information with everyone when I'm preparing for an event.


    Is there an update on this one?

  • Still nothing on this? I have been making my rides private for the past 7 months! Come on Strava, it's a basic privacy concern.
    Getting very annoying keeping rides private - not taking part in segments, challenges etc. Have been a premium member for 2 years, won't be for much longer!

  • Elle, 

    It's been almost a year since you responded to this thread. Any progress on this issue?

  • I would like to hide any infos eg. HR, I think it is not so complicated to develop.

  • Any updates since Nov 2016?? I fail to see how can privacy be a prio for Strava but not implement a hide option having this request open for years..

  • I am just adding to the list. But I agree, I would like to be able to hide both HR and power. I know that it is possible b/c it seems that is what the pro's on Strava get. They load distance, speed, cadence, elevation, etc. But they never post their power and HR, even though you know they have the data. Come on Strava....

  • It's not about hiding the power or the pulse data.
    The important thing is to be able you can hide your power
    and pulse ZONES, and the time in each power or pulse zone you
    have been in during your training.
  • Concur - Please add the ability to hide power data.  Seems like a simple request, why is strava not addressing?

  • On my wishlist for 2018... Strava, please solve this important issue. No special treatment for Pros, they are able to hide the data...

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