Hide Power or Heart Rate data on an Activity

Update privacy setting to be able to hide power data of your ride...  



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  • Yep, exactly what Eric said.

    I was debating about going Premium (I pull my data from Suunto, my setup anyway), thinking I wanted to not push all my HRM data for consumption, but apparently not-so-much.

    I done s/w engineering for a long time, and this is VERY clearly not a priority for them, likely because if they can delay it long enough, they can sell the data (and ongoing if never implemented), for a VERY large, ongoing rate (depending on pool-size and anonymity).

    If they made this a "Premium Feature", I'd sign up, even though Strava isn't my primary platform for my data.

    For now, I guess I'll just strip it off, before it gets pushed, kind of a big pain though, since I have to also make sure it never gets pushed (picked up in a later sync). 

    Suunto allows me to keep this data completely private, probably because they're based outside the US.

  • I certainly do not understand why it is still not possible to hide powermeter and heart rate date, although strava users are asking for it since 4 years.

    I would like to share some of my rides on strava, but I am certainly not willing to share my private power and heart rate date, because that´s something personal and nobodys buisness but mine. As long as it is not possible to hide powermeter data I see my self forced not to upload more rides, sorry guys :-(

  • By the way, there is neither powermeter nor heart rate data available on Chris Froomes account. Do you really believe that he is training without these devices?

    I´ve stopped uploading my trainings on Strava. If it is still not possible to hide powermeter and heart rate data by the beginning of August (2,5 months left) I leave Strava ...

  • We REALY need this option to hide HR and or Powermeter!

  • I quit publishing my rides, for now, because I don't want to manually manage which ones I display.

    If enough people did that, based on a request for a privacy settings, I bet this would get changed/fixed, fast. You can bet they track metrics like this, although I'm not sure how they'd correlate it to the (privacy of) HR/power data.

    Maybe there needs to be a poll or something, to generate enough momentum...

  • Just hide power and HR. What is the matter? It cannot be so difficult to just show an empty window instead of a filled one. We know privacy is your priority. We know it will not take more than a day or two of coding. Three with testing. It will have zero effect on cheating, as cheaters just do not upload HR data.

    Can you give us any reason why you are acting so totally against your own statement of protecting privacy?

    Can you explain why it is good for you to undermine your trustworthiness?


  • Jess,

    Strava has been saing the same thing since 2014. This support thread is a joke. Forget it.


  • At least there is a new person responding to the "issue". Elle had to take the brunt of those unsatisfied with the response/activity on this 'issue'. Of course there have been only three or so responses from Strava and have changed from 'this request is on our list' to 'We are working on this feature, but I currently do not have an ETA for you' That's the progress in four and a half years, keep up the good work. 

    Elle - November 07, 2016 21:36:
    "Your privacy is a top priority for us and we have created a working group to discuss privacy improvements. This request is on our list, and I will keep everyone informed of it's status going forward. "

    Odiously, privacy is of no concern to Strava, good that you left that part out in latest response.

  • Health related data is important to us as Strava users, but as an EU citizen that is private data. Strava needs to be able to collect data such as Heart Rate in a private way, and to be able to do so is important. To only offer the option to not have Strava collect Heart Rate data as an alternative to collecting and keeping that data private for personal use is just nutz.
    Strava, please provide the feature to tag heart rate as for personal use so that data does not have to be public or available to others in order to be collected for ones own private use.

  • @Strava, When are you planning on implementing this feature? It's been about 4 years since the original feature request.

    It shouldn't be too complicated to implement the following two stories:

    As a premium user I would like to delete my power data from a given cycling activity!

    As a premium user I would like to delete my hr data from a given activity!


    On the page$id

    Under the actions menu "Delete Power Data" & "Delete HR Data"


    Please let us know if you have the intention of addressing this issue over the upcoming quarter.


  • On last Strava update (I'm a beta Tester) in Settings/Data permissions there is a chance to delete the heart rate data from activities.
    It isn't the functionality that I wanted: with this feature my premium account is useless because I can't analyze my trainings.
    The functionality I'd like to have is to be able only to hide from followers the heart rate and power data when I want to hide them, not to delete them permanently.
    When I upload an activity, as there is a switch to hide the activity by leaderboard of segments, I'd like a switch to hide the data heart and another one to hide the power data.


  • Nobody asked for deleting data. Strava must intellectually disabled, for lack of a better word.

  • I cannot understand why Strava is ignoring this wish. For me it's okay that Strava is allowed to collect heart rate and power data, but i don't want my competitors to see and analyze it. It should be pretty easy to implement a function which allows the user to control the visibilty of theses datas; for example whitelisting coaches and team mates.

    In a better solution users could divide follower into groups to set difference access-rights to the private profile.

    This missing feature is the reason for using Golden Cheetah to analyze training instead of Strava for my team and me. 


    Keep on biking!

  • My new watch has an optical wrist sensor, which can be very inaccurate sometimes. I just want this data gone if I see it is not accurate, since every statistics that rely on HR will be inaccurate as well. Unfortunately, the watch has no option to strip this data before synchronization with Strava. Aside from privacy standpoint, this is another valid reason for implementing this feature.

  • very interesting. why hide HR/Power, personal data? ever heard of HIPAA? do your research and see if you can figure it out....everyone else has, i dont want my health data up on the internet for all to see....many years have gone by and why has strava not provided an opt out health related privacy feature? strava is a social media platform!!!.....being able to see others data feeds the judging, competitive nature of the athlete (you) and your associated social media addiction. strava and you are a perfect match!!! just as instagram has filters and cheats, power, HR is stravas version of that.....remove those features and there goes the drip feed of strava social media addiction....for strava this means less revenue. pretty simple math there kiddies.

    as mentioned previously, there are programs that you can use to filter sensitive data, but they dont work with auto upload feature, you have to manually strip it for every upload. 

    i have since set all my rides to private, and move my training to training peaks which is a proper training platform, if i want to social media, i use instagram, not strava. i will not renew my premium membership next year, unless they give me the option to NOT upload my health data.....and thats the way the cookie crumbles kiddies. LRRH. 


    ps - strava will most likely delete this (critical) post as they did my last one on this same subject back in may....oh the drama strava!!! nice kiddies!


  • Interesting observation about this topic...


    I follow a pro-cyclist (will not share who) and if I look at their segments overview on a ride, Strava shows their average HR for each segment.

    However, their HR curves/data is not shown in the 'Analysis' of their ride.

    Assumption: Strava has provided the ability for pro-athletes using Strava to hide HR (and power?...this does not show up on the segments overview, but i'm not sure if this athlete is using a different system for their power meter) from their ride uploads...but missed the fact that their average HR still shows up on the segments overview.

    The ability appears to be's currently reserved for select Strava users.

  • Any update on this ?

  • yes anthony..... the update is called trainingpeaks! 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  • I think, if Strava developers will not giving options for better privacy, this community will not living long!!! Why everyone on Strava must know, what is my HR and Power by 10% climbing?

    Strava community is OK, but not irreplaceable. Give us options for better privacy!

  • Well, I’ve been patient for what I believe is a reasonable request to filter personal data. With so many options now available i have canceled my subscription that i have maintained for several years.

    Sad really, I am used to the site but all things are replaceable and competition forces change of consumes the stagnant. Adios 

  • Hello, helloooo, anybody home?

  • If I downgrade from premium will that solve it so no one can see my power data? I still got it on garmin and thats fine with me.

  • Could we get an update for this toppic this tread is now 5 yers old?

  • Good news guys.
    I am a beta tester and in the last beta update there is the possibility to hide the heart rate data.
    For power data I don't know because my powermeter is broken.

  • Hi,

    this is a requested feature from february 2014. Your answer ist from last years june.

    Since last years may the fines and penalties of the GDPR are "active". 

    What do you think how long will it take to implement the possibility to hide special categories of personal data?

    I'm sure, i don't want to have my HR in my public feed information.

  • I've contact the support center directly on this point, and they said that in would be analysed in the future, for future evolutions. Something like that.

    "Hello !

    I would like to add some privacy to my published data, specially on the heartrate data.
    I would like to publish my rides normally within any device I usse, and then before I made them public at pc browser, I would prefer to select a switchable option button bettween make my heartrate avaliable only for me or avaliable to followers or even avaliable to general public.
    Is this a big change on your site, or is this already possible somehow...? I couldn't get anything configurable at that point.




  • This thread can now be closed!

    I now have the ability to hide my heartrate from posts on the android app and desktop interface!

    A little slow to get to this point, but appreciate it being implemented.

  • Where can I find this function? Can't see it.

  • This thread can not be closed, Tommy. The power data can not be removed.
    That means I have to manually upload rides with stripped power.
    That also means I will not go premium until this option is implemented.

    Where I ride scumbags rob bikes at gunpoint. Why would I advertise my power meter on local segments?

  • @Syntax Error,
    On your PC it should be just below the Privacy Controls box

    and if you are an iPhone user then it is within Privacy Controls, visible as "Hide heart rate data" when you save/edit your activity.

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