Star Activities for list of 'favorites'

I'd like to have a list of my favorite / starred activities - in much the same way that we can have a list of favorite / starred segments.


It would serve two purposes:


First, I often want to look back at a previous ride that I have done (eg to remind myself of the route or to see how long the ride will take etc).  But they are very hard to find and I often have to search through all of my rides in order to find the one in question.


Secondly, it would be great to be able to do a side-by-side comparison of rides.  So suppose I do a 100km ride following a route which I have done before.  It would be great to be able to compare my pace / effort on this ride to a previous effort following the same route.  In other words, rather than just comparing my effort on a particular segment, it would be cool if I could to a comparison of the entire ride.





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  • Absolutely Ed.  Strava has an incredible database of MTB routes but they are very difficult to access when you need the information.  I would like to keep a list on Strava of the routes I would like to do sometime down the road.   And every once in a while I see one of my friends riding something I would like to do.  It would be nice to be able to tag that route for easy future reference.

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  • Just a simple 'add to favorites button' or 'pin it' or someway of storing favorite rides that you come across.  Currently all I can do is send myself a link or turn ride into a route.

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  • This seems like a simple function, similar to when you favourite a tweet. Say I want to look at an activity from a couple of years ago, it takes a long time to find on a browser, even longer on mobile. This would be a very handy addition to Strava.

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    Please add a simple but powerful feature.
    Let me STAR an activity (from whoever athlete) so I can find it later in my STARRED (favorite) activities.
    I currently save them in Google Keep!

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  • This would be very useful for me. I use strava as my personal diary and it makes sense for me to save sentimentally important rides, first long ride, marathon ride, etc.. right now it is lost in the barrage of commute rides. Should be a simple feature and frankly strava is a glorified step counter without it. Why is it not added yet.

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  • Any news on this issue?

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  • USE CASE for this feature - Garmin 520 limits my live segments to 100.

    How can I create a list of all my starred segments so I can cull them? 

    Easy solution, just make the "Star" header clickable on this page to sort all starred, segments,



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