Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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    Update: At this time, all activities recorded with heart rate data will now be included in your Fitness and Freshness calculations.

    See our blog for an overview. 

  • please implement :)

  • Would be great for triathlon training. Would also be helpful to be able to manually add a workout training load to capture swimming or other exercises
  • Hi,

    Can this be added please?

    I was forwarded to this thread because this thread:

    only covers bikers and not 'the rest of us'.

    Thank you for your help and have a good day.



  • A lot of runners supported Fitness and Freshness chart based on Heart Rate (Sufferscore) at this link:

    Assuming that it would cover running and biking (or anything with a heart rate and suffer score) since the title didn't exclude runners.

    Strava has improved for runners, please implement this to stay attractive.




  • Awesome to see heart rate based fitness and freshness calculations now added for biking (without a power meter). As a runner and cyclist, would be amazing to see this added for running workouts too. I would see this feature being the most desirable thing to be added to Strava features to be able to use this app as a more well rounded training tool. Thanks!

  • Please implement fitness / freshness for running too, makes a good feature worthless without logging all activity.

  • Yes please, I do triathlons so running and cycling please, oh and also the ability to add distance to treadmill running sessions...

  • I would like to see both the Running and Cycling put together in the one graph for Fitness and Freshness.  I would also like to have the ability to split them out.  I know this is not Training Peaks, but it is one of my main applications for tracking these activities.

  • shouldnt fitness freshness apply to any activity recorded with a heart rate monitor?

  • Hello,

    Are there any updates on this?

  • I'd love to see this feature come to all logged activities based on the heart rate monitor. For the athlete that doesn't stay specific to cycling, this means the fitness and freshness graph is not a realistic representation. Since Strava appeals to multi-sport athletes this should be a priority!

  • Hi there, I'm interested about this feature too...I do bike and run training...thanks

  • Hi, I second this suggestion, without all activities calculated in, it goes against its original purpose. What are the reasons to restrict it only to cycling anyway?

    Thank you.

  • Hi again,

    It's been almost a year since the original request to have Fitness and Freshness capability will be available based on heart rate.  Surprisingly enough, I think this is far too long to wait.  I have purchased some software from FirstBeat Technologies and will not be renewing my Premium Strava membership going forward. 



  • +1
  • Without this feature my premium subscription is useless. There is a planned update about this topic?

    Otherwise I'll not renew the subscription.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Over at Sporttracks there is a plug-in that does exactly this for any sport, so running/cycling/swimming - basically a heart rate against distance and time does the job.  Can Strava go talk to the plug-in author and use his/her methods?  Here is the link:  

    It is the single most important tool that I use, and the only reason I still use Sporttracks, but also the only reason I am likely to dump Stava premium.

  • This is a critical feature for those of us who do than just cycling - clearly fitness and freshness are affected by all activities so using data from cycling only makes the results useless. Please at least implement this for running, which is your second major supported activity. It has been promised for a long time with no update on a planned release date - the glossary even states: "This feature is currently only available to cyclists, but we hope to make it accessible to runners soon."

    Fitness & freshness is one of the main reasons many of us have a Premium membership - don't let down the members who are happy to pay for additional features!

  • Without this feature the premium membership is quite useless for runners. You should mention which features are not available for runners in the premium features list. So the people would know what the get if the buy premium ...

  • I cannot understand how running activities with HR data is not part of the F&F graph. They have all the data, it should be very easy to implement according to me. 

    I do cross training so currently the graph is of absolutely no use to me. I should rather have spent my money with Trainingpeaks!!!

  • I love using Strava to track and share my fitness achievements but I'd really like to see some more attention paid to running and swimming.  As a triathlete my fitness and freshness score mean nothing because I train on all three sports on a weekly basis.  Add some swimming charts and include running and swimming into the fitness/freshness algorithm and I'd have no reason to even consider another app!

  • I got tired of waiting with no feedback or implementation from strava. Dropped my premium subscription and signed up for Sporttracks, which does what we want regardless of cycling, running, or swimming. 

  • I'd also really want for Stava to include at least RUNNING and ROWING, possibly also HIKING to Fitness and Freshness graphs.
    Even better would be to account for ALL activities with time/HR recorded, but Running and Rowing would be really essential...
    For Swimming HRM recording might be problematic, otherwise I'd suggest Swimming, too.

    I guess Running and Rowing on ergometer are among the mostly used activities for those, that do not Cycle only.

  • +1 please add running and other HRM based activities into the Fitness and Freshness feature.

    10/31/2016 Edit - As Premium Payers we have been strung along for years now with the hope of having this feature added soon!!!! I am extremely disappointed that now we are being told that us multi-sport athletes, who have been funding this site, don't really matter!

    The reason I have kept my Premium membership is primarily due to the fitness and freshness tracking, but this feature is essentially useless in its current form us multi-sport athletes for prepping for important race events when the run training is not factored in at all.

    I would be fine with a simple heart rate based effort factor being used to adjust the graph for run workouts. It does not have to be accurate, as the graph is all relative to the efforts involved.

    I am now forced to migrate to another provider (probably Training Peaks that actually cares about multi-sport athletes and their needs and goals.

    It is unfortunate that the voices of all of these Premium Members has fallen on deaf ears. Apparently we will not be missed when we stop paying for development of all of the cycling only features.


  • Hello, thanks for all the excellent feedback on running data being included in the Fitness and Freshness feature. It's great to hear the interest for this feature, especially as we are focusing on more training features for runners at the moment. At this time, there are no plans to add run data to the current Fitness & Freshness feature.

    For the other programs out there that DO offer this feature, is the TSS or stress score equivalent always based on heart rate over distance? Do most of you feel this feature would be useful from strictly a run training perspective, or a multi-sport perspective when combined with a cycling-based Fitness & Freshness? 

    Thanks for taking the time to add your comments! 

  • Thanks for your response, Elle. I would like this feature added for the benefit of multi-sport training. Combined cycling and running fitness and freshness would help for proper peaking and tapering for events. Thanks for a great product.

  • Hi,

    I can't swim and my area is not bike friendly.  Sport Tracks from zone five software has had the capability for years.  I used their ATL and CTL measurements to gauge how and when to taper before key races.

    The vast majority of those I follow are exclusive runners and are not into multi-sports.



  • Yeh! Ellie a response :) not the response I wanted ie you do not plan to add running to fitness and freshness but a response none the less. For me I am a triathlon guy therefore I want to track fitness and freshness across multiple activities (which practically means riding and running) So please reconsider adding running to the fitness and freshness graph, you don't have to be 100% accurate, just factor something in so that we can gain some insight vs today where I get zero.
  • Ellie

    I believe that other programs calculate training load based on time spent within various heart rate zones. It is essentially the same as what is used in the Strava suffer score. These calculations are very helpful for analysing training load and for peaking, and is useful for running alone (if you are just a runner), or more importantly for figuring out your cumulative load when you train in multiple sports, such as running and cycling.

    It's too bad that Strava has not/does not plan to implement this, as it seems like it should be fairly straightforward (you are already doing the calculation for heart rate based cycling, wouldn't the same algorithm apply to running?), and the lack of adding this feature has led my to drop my premium Strava membership in favour of other software that provides this information.


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