Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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  • Suffer scores for activities such as running should be calculated into fitness and freshness, or at least have the ability.  A check box for bike only / bike and other activities. A lot of times in the off season people will get off the bike and cross train a bit.. but your fitness just drops when running is not included.. if you had bike race on sunday and you ran a marathon on saturday.. according to the current fitness and freshness you would be ready to race bike. probably not the case. ;)

  • Hi, I second this suggestion, without all activities calculated in, it goes against its original purpose. What are the reasons to restrict it only to cycling anyway?

    Thank you.

  • Without this feature my premium subscription is useless. There is a planned update about this topic?

    Otherwise I'll not renew the subscription.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Over at Sporttracks there is a plug-in that does exactly this for any sport, so running/cycling/swimming - basically a heart rate against distance and time does the job.  Can Strava go talk to the plug-in author and use his/her methods?  Here is the link:  

    It is the single most important tool that I use, and the only reason I still use Sporttracks, but also the only reason I am likely to dump Stava premium.

  • I love using Strava to track and share my fitness achievements but I'd really like to see some more attention paid to running and swimming.  As a triathlete my fitness and freshness score mean nothing because I train on all three sports on a weekly basis.  Add some swimming charts and include running and swimming into the fitness/freshness algorithm and I'd have no reason to even consider another app!

  • I'd also really want for Stava to include at least RUNNING and ROWING, possibly also HIKING to Fitness and Freshness graphs.
    Even better would be to account for ALL activities with time/HR recorded, but Running and Rowing would be really essential...
    For Swimming HRM recording might be problematic, otherwise I'd suggest Swimming, too.

    I guess Running and Rowing on ergometer are among the mostly used activities for those, that do not Cycle only.

  • +1 please add running and other HRM based activities into the Fitness and Freshness feature.

    10/31/2016 Edit - As Premium Payers we have been strung along for years now with the hope of having this feature added soon!!!! I am extremely disappointed that now we are being told that us multi-sport athletes, who have been funding this site, don't really matter!

    The reason I have kept my Premium membership is primarily due to the fitness and freshness tracking, but this feature is essentially useless in its current form us multi-sport athletes for prepping for important race events when the run training is not factored in at all.

    I would be fine with a simple heart rate based effort factor being used to adjust the graph for run workouts. It does not have to be accurate, as the graph is all relative to the efforts involved.

    I am now forced to migrate to another provider (probably Training Peaks that actually cares about multi-sport athletes and their needs and goals.

    It is unfortunate that the voices of all of these Premium Members has fallen on deaf ears. Apparently we will not be missed when we stop paying for development of all of the cycling only features.


  • This is also a critical feature for me to renew Strava Premium.

    If Strava's dedication to app development was as enthusiastic as selling overpriced equipment/wear, it would be an amazing app.
    When was the last big software update?

  • Elle,

    It's disappointing that there are no plans to implement this feature given that Strava already have sufferscore which is similar to TSS. There is clearly demand for this feature - is the number of users who both run and cycle so low that it's not deemed a priority? What about those runners who wish for similar capabilities and have no way to track form over time?

    A missed opportunity to really enhance one of the better feature in Strava - I question whether premium membership is worth it if there is limited development on premium only features such as this one.

  • Please add running activities to overall fitness. 


  • Hello - STRAVA please reconsider and add the running activities into the fitness / fatigue charts.  If you are concerned on the accuracy, then simply add a toggle to enable the user to calculate fitness / fatigue using biking, running, or both activities combined.  If you also add swimming you'd crush it out of the park!  I'm sure thousands of users want what I ask for, and this would sway many persons from paying for other software apps, and shift to solely using STRAVA.  Thanks

  • Agree with all the comments about this being a major factor in signing up for Premium - and it doesn't work.

    Back to TrainingPeaks...

  • If you support fitness/fatigue for cycling based on heart rate data only, why would the calculation be less accurate for running?

    If you deem it not accurate enough, add a disclaimer. Most of us know that these are only estimates and most of us only look at the direction of travel of the charts, not the absolute measure.

    So, don't hide behind accuracy and add the funcionality, please.

  • Thanks for the news Elle! Just in time! Fortunately my premium account expires next week, so I'm going to buy Trainingpeaks service, Their curves are implemented for both cycling and running (and also swimming), I've tested them and they are working very well, however the calculation is very simple and I've implemented the same on my excel spreadsheet with the same result of Trainingpeaks that will be may partner for next IronMan season.
    Strava loses, Trainingpeaks wins.

  • Hi there, I'm interested about this feature too...I do bike and run training...thanks

  • +1
  • Yeh! Ellie a response :) not the response I wanted ie you do not plan to add running to fitness and freshness but a response none the less. For me I am a triathlon guy therefore I want to track fitness and freshness across multiple activities (which practically means riding and running) So please reconsider adding running to the fitness and freshness graph, you don't have to be 100% accurate, just factor something in so that we can gain some insight vs today where I get zero.
  • Elle,

    I was a premium subscriber but dropped Strava for Sport Tracks for the ATL and CTL tracking, as well as their health graphs on their website. I'd come back to Strava if this was implemented for running and swimming.

  • I'm in the same boat. The current graph is of little value if I do any other kind of training than cycling. If the graph could be configured to use only heart rate and show all my activities with heart rate, it would be perfect. I do cycle, but I don't own a powermeter currently.

  • My premium membership has expired and I have no plans to renew it unless Strava decides to provide this feature.
  • How about Fitness and Freshness with ANY activity that includes heart rate data? Doubt anyone here 100% cycles or 100% runs. I nordic ski in the winter when the roads are nasty and I watch my "fitness" dwindle despite me probably maintaining or even increasing fitness through skiing. Then when I start to bike again my Fitness and Freshness Graph becomes pretty much inaccurate.

  • Well, since this post is nearly 2 years old and there are no plan to introduce this feature, I decided to stop the premium account renewal...

    I'll see about renewing when there is at least a plan or a schedule to make it available. 

    Kinda makes me feel like second class citizen honestly (but maybe i'm just a drama queen ;))

  • A combined graph for all activities!!!


  • From the help on fitness and freshness:


    While fitness is a complicated concept, it can be simplified to an accumulation of training. The Fitness Score is calculated using Training Load and/or Suffer Score to measure your daily training, and an impulse-response model to quantify its effect over time. This will intuitively capture the development of fitness from training, as well as the loss of fitness during a break. This feature is currently only available to cyclists, but we hope to make it accessible to runners soon.

    As there is already a suffer score for running it should be really easy to implement this. Are the suffer scores completely comparable? maybe not, but it would be a lot better include if they are 10% off, than to exclude which is guarantied 100% off.

    Two years is not acceptable on something like this, I will join those dropping premium.



  • Please extend to running.

  • Still bummed that all the running I'm doing has no impact on the fitness and freshness graph. Put this feature back in the oven and finish baking it!

  • So many premium features are just for cyclists, this needs to be adjusted to keep premium members here!

  • Dear Strava, please stop messing about and allow runs to count on the fitness graph. Then I can log my HIIT workouts as runs, which they are, instead of rides, which they aren't. The whole point of me dashing round the block doing HIIT is to improve my fitness so not seeing the results on the chart is kind of annoying. 

    This has been going on for TWO YEARS. You're getting exactly the same numbers, so surely you can calculate a training impulse for a run as well as a ride?

    I can't believe this doesn't come higher up your product backlog than faffing around with photos on the mobile app.

    I don't particularly mind logging HIIT workouts as rides because I'm not really a runner. If I was a real runner I'd have left you for Training Peaks ages ago.

  • How is it fundamentally different than fitness/freshness with cycling pace and heart rate? Time spent at XX heart rate is time spent at XX heart rate...

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