Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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  • Hello - would appreciate if the Strava Community Moderator will provide an update to this forum.  Since the last moderator update on April 6th there has been a vocal reply from members indicating the requested functionality exists, it is not complicated, and to paraphrase "something is better than nothing".  It is extremely upsetting to see many people are abandoning the Strava platform in protest but I share their frustration.  Strava please improve the tool.

  • Can't work out how to vote, but would really like a way to recognise the contribution of any running to my Fitness and Freshness chart, mostly generated on the bike. Occasionally I can't get out in the bike (travelling) but can run, yet my fitness level on the chart goes down because I'm not logging rides - presumably making the whole thing rather less useful.

  • Congratulations Strava, I won't be renewing my premium membership and will be moving to another platform that is caters better for other sports, such as Training Peaks, Polar, or SportsTracks. It is a shame as I did like Strava though this is a deal breaker. I am unlikely to come back to Strava premium as the failure to do anything about this important issue seems to indicate a poor attitude towards customer feedback. Good bye...

  • I still don't understand why something as obvious as this function is not implemented. Just like many other I won't extend my premium membership since this is one of the main features that is now worthless if you're not 100% cyclist...

  • "Surely HR/zones should be consistent across exercises? If I'm exercising close to my maximum heart rate, surely this generates the same suffer score points whether it's running or cycling?"

    Most people have a different maximun HR when cycling compared to running.

    My HRmax for cycling is 189, and for running it's 205. If I enter 205 in Strava, can you see how that affects my Suffer Score for cycling? It totally skewes the effort.

    Every serious sports app has the possibility to enter sport-specific HRmax (and of course zones), for this very reason. Not being able to do this makes Suffer Score and F&F useless if you do more than one sport.

  • Thanks for your response, Elle. I would like this feature added for the benefit of multi-sport training. Combined cycling and running fitness and freshness would help for proper peaking and tapering for events. Thanks for a great product.

  • Hi,

    I can't swim and my area is not bike friendly.  Sport Tracks from zone five software has had the capability for years.  I used their ATL and CTL measurements to gauge how and when to taper before key races.

    The vast majority of those I follow are exclusive runners and are not into multi-sports.



  • I'm also considering dropping Strava premium in favor of some other service. Havig running and other (HR based) activities covered by the fitness&freshness would definitely keep me in!

  • This would be the greatest ever. More work should be done for running in the system. 

  • Please add fitness and freshness for Runners.. pretty please

  • How long do we need to wait for this?? It would be such a great feature improvement...

  • Got myself a Polar V800 multisports watch early September. Still upload activities to Strava as it has a nice social network. On recovery status I now rely on Polar Flow which works awesome giving recovery times for any fitness/sport activity. So far so good.

  • I would also like to voice my desire to see the fitness and freshness feature include running suffer scores.  It seems like it would be a fairly simple thing to do, to incorporate the heart stress from running (or any other activity for that matter) into the calculation of cumulative fitness and freshness. 

  • It's insane to me that this hasn't been done yet. I just signed up for the beta app that allows ANT+ connection on Android... but what good does it do me if my heart rate data on runs isn't even calculated in with my fitness/freshness graph?

  • Just adding a comment to say i'd like that feature very much myself!

    Would saying "please" help? ;)

  • I use SportTracks, and the main features I use on it are training load and matched runs. After Strava added trending runs, that just leaves Training Load - no idea why Strava are extending this out - or at least communicating something on it!

  • Hi All - I don't think this is ever going to happen on Strava.

    I've started using Polar Flow recovery status which incorporates training load from all activities:

    It's been incorporated as a firmware upgrade for a wide range of devices including recently the Polar M400. Flow also syncs to Strava, but does have it's own issues, such as not allowing import of activities through gpx/tcx files.

  • After two years Premium, and the total inaction or even a response from Strava, I have now moved to basic membership only. I now use Training Peaks for all my analysis.

  • After two years of paying premium i have been quite pleased with all the improvements done regarding training. However i think it is fAr more important to consider taking running into considerTion for training effect instead of some of the social stuff which is quite useless, since a lot of people have asked for this and no response from strava has been heard of i think i just might not be renewing this year
  • Oh dear, thread is 2 years!

    And still nothing?

    Very well, no need for me to wonder if I should renew when my premium expires then.

  • Is there any planning on when this could be implemented. Training peaks has this for running

  • David and Tim, thanks for the tip.

    Sporttracks (Zonefive Software) has the capability Strava didn't mention they lack for runners when signing up here. Boasting features that's exclusive for cyclists as if they're usable by everyone is less than honest. Had I known, I never would have payed a cent.

    I'm out of here.

  • Terrible answer Elle considering multiple other platforms do this. I, like most others, will not be renewing when my membership expires. This along with other issues like being able to clean up segments with bad data that no one can possibly ride to flag or hide show little care for the end customer experience.

  • I was really disappointed when I found this feature didn't cover running as well. I'll go with a Training Peaks subscription next time :(

  • Completely agree with above;

    Bannisters' impuls reaction model is aimed at multisport athletes, so Strava's own explanation for the fitness graph disqualifies the answer given by Elle

    For me, this is probably the only reason to use premium, and till now it seems to be a waste of money...


    I Confirm what Adam says.

    For Triathlets, the Fitness and Freshness Graph leads to wrong results!

    If I Run 30km one day, Ride 150km and run again 30km after the ride thegraph considers only the second effort and suggestiones are incorrect.

    I'm not talking about a feature, but to fix a big error, beacause the graph is unusable unless incurring serious health problems!

    Furthermore it should be able to override the suffer score in the event that you perform workouts w/o pulse monitor ( in a season it can happen ) : also in this case the graph leads to results very far from reality.


  • I feel cheated. It was not possible to see that the fitness & freshness graph is only available to cyclists before signing up and paying.

  • Been waiting for this for too long now, back to a free sub here as well.

  • C'mon Strava, time to make this work already. Excuse is also untrue.

  • As several people has already wrote multiple times, what we runners are requesting is not to develop anything new and complicated, just to enable the same calculations that already are done for cyclists (even with no power meter) for all activities with recorded heart rate, or at least for running. It might be those computations are less accurate for runners than for cyclists, but they can hardly be less accurate than no computations at all.

    None of us users can see what could be complicated in this, it looks like a unwillingness, like not caring about the users and ignoring their needs and wishes.

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