Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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  • Along with others, I am interested in the fitness/freshness dashboard for running. Also, possible total fitness, regardless of sport.

    Glad to see this topic is gaining traction as a priority. I hope it continues to. If you are looking for beta testers, please consider me.


  • +1 

  • Great news Elle!

  • Yay! Keep us posted!

  • Looking forward to this

  • Hi Strava, my Fitness Freshness has stopped giving me forward data for Fatigue Form etc, it is happening with other club member so not just my account, can I get a response to this quickly please

  • Elle - If I click on one of the other time frame options (i.e. Last Year, or Last 6 Months) then the data/graphs show up as normal, for all of the time frame options.

  • Does anyone know is strava can take the data from the Garmin HRM-Swim yet?

  • I have running and All Activities as option on my graph as of the last 25 minutes

  • Can we have a progress update on the internal testing ?



  • there it is B-)



  • Hello everyone, a quick update. 

    Fitness & Freshness is now available to Premium runners and multisport athletes. Any activities recorded with heart rate data will now be included in your Fitness and Freshness calculations.

    See our blog for an overview. 

    There are a few activity types that do not yet have suffer scores (Nordic Ski and Backcountry Ski) and will not show in the graph. However, we are working right now to get all activity types updated so that any activity with heart rate will be included in the Fitness & Freshness feature. 

  • Finally!

    Stravistix already has implemented the Swim functionality... how much longer for Strava to follow?

  • Hi Elle,

    Does it support optical heart rate data? From Garmin 735XT for example as my graph shows nothing...


  • It works having entered an FTP score, I do not have a power meter so have no idea of my FTP. 

    If I am only looking at heart rate data, can I just enter any number or will it affect the results? Would be useful to know of a work around that isn't potentially skewed by FTP.

    Seems a bit silly that you have to enter a value for FTP given there are heart rate only options, it didn't used to be like this... 

  • Better late than never. Thanks for adding it.

  • Great to see this implemented. though not sure about a few things.

    As to a couple of other comments - I've got a Garmin 735xt, and the Optical HR has come through (kind of)

    If I look at a 6 month period, the fitness profile looks about right - sharp peaks for activities, with a decline. However, recent runs are really odd. Several have negative suffer scores, which I just don't get? Anyone else seen this?

  • @Rob, What you describe with FTP is a bug, and we'll be removing that criteria soon. Thanks for the heads up! 

  • Thanks Elle, any idea when it will be removed?

    If I have entered a value... can you confirm whether it will be affecting the data of the graph if I look at heart rate only?


  • Brilliant. Glad to see running added. Much appreciated.

  • Fitness & Freshness  il significato dei numeri sul grafico

    es .45 fitness -1    48 affaticamento     - 4 forma fisica 


  • So happy this is finally launched.  Thanks!

  • Elle,

    I had one run where my HR got all screwed up and I ended up with average HR of 128 and my suffer score being 88 (14mi@2hrs). For a run of this nature, my suffer score should be in the 300's. Is there anyway to edit the suffer score?

  • @Katsu, sorry to hear. Strava doesn't have any tools to edit bad Heart Rate data at this time. I think we could consider a "manual override" of HR data and/or Suffer Score in the future. 

  • @Elle, HR zones / max HR _per activity type_ has been requested for years, and has been actively ignored by you.

    I have cancelled my premium subscription long ago since the Strava data becomes useless - either Suffer Score for cycling is off, or it's off for running, since my max HR differ for running and cycling (as it always does). 

    All the Strava data analysis is based on HR and HR zones, so not being able to have different zones for different sports is unbelievable stupid. Garmin, Sport Tracks, they all have it, and I am a paying Sport Tracks customer, btw, so you have lost my money for the past few years (as you have with others).

    I'd be very interested in what happens with this support ticket and the reasons behind not implementing something in so obvious demand for so long. Making this kind of new fancy F&F stuff, with the underlying data being useless... interesting, but nothing I would dream of paying for.

  • Hi Elle,
    It is working well for me thank you. However my Garmin has just died and I am.having to use an old monior which doesn't sync with Strava whilst I await a replacement. The next step would be to be able to manually add heart rate data so this wouldn't cause a false drop in fitness and elevation in freshness om the graph. It would also mean I could include my swims in the data.

  • @Elle, regarding that support ticket for Brenton. Here's one of the New Feature discussions about this.

    Without sport-specific HRmax you can't use Suffer Score or Fitness&Freshness for other sports. If I enter my running HRmax I get bad results for cycling, and vice versa.

    @Elle, I'd be very interested in hearing your comments on this!

  • @Calle, I don't understand this logic. Not that I disagree, (I don't do much cycling), but myself and a friend at work have been talking about HR/Suffer score for different activities.

    Surely HR/zones should be consistent across exercises? If I'm exercising close to my maximum heart rate, surely this generates the same suffer score points whether it's running or cycling?

    As for the feature generally, while I'm glad it's made an appearance for running, I'm baffled how it got through testing - my support ticket (thanks for raising Elle) immediately said my running activities were skewed because of Power metrics in previous activities (I had used Stryd a few times). So does the Heart Rate Only activity filter actually do anything?

  • @Steven. Your max hr is different for cycling, swimming and running. Which is the point I think Calle is making.
    Though in fairness the graph is only a guide ad it only takes into account recorded activities. How does it know you always take the stairs to your 7th floor office or that you have a lemon if a car that needs regular pushing? (Out of curiosity I stuck my hr strap on when walking the dog over some hills and Garmin gave me a higher training effort than my treadmill interval sessions.)

  • I can see how this would skew it, I was just curious as why max HR is different between sports. by it's nature, I thought max HR would be a physical attribute, not dependent on activity. I'm just interested - I'm pretty much running only, so HR issues aren't my issue with the F+F graph, (it's power meter data skewing even though you can select not to use it.) - didn't understand why something like that would be different across sports...

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