Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Map-based exploring/searching for Routes in the 'Explore' section, similar to the map-based segment explore that currently exists.

If someone has taken the time to create a route, chances are that route is a better indication for a good ride or run route than popular segments. 

Currently, when I'm in a new location, I use popular segments from the segment explorer to drill down to activities to ry and identify good routes, in combination with popularity in Route Builder and the Strava labs world heat map. It would be nice to not have to create my own route for every location I visit. Local knowledge is the best!



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  • +1 to this.

    It isn't a hard feature to implement, most of the competition does this well and it is something that should come as standard in this type of software.

  • Very disappointing to use loyal Strava users that our competitors have this; and we don't. The 'route' experience in general is very poor.


  • +1 from me. I searched for this feature a couple of years back and of course was disappointed. Now I'm going to Italy in the summer and wanted to check for routes...can't believe it still isn't implemented. Will try MapmyRide.

  • +1 from me.


    I don't understand why routes are not searchable!!!

  • Yeah, this feature is definitely needed

    +1 from me.

  • Would love to be able to explore public routes on Strava 👍 (surprised this isn't already possible).

  • 3 years later and this still isn't a thing? How can this not be a thing? I feel like it's normal for people to be able to want to find 10,20,30+ km routes as opposed to 1km segments...who rides for only 1km?!? Moving to a new city has me wondering what the best routes are and Strava, the acclaimed top rider app, is essentially useless for this. Come on!

  • Got can't even search by name in your own routes, let alone actually find routes by location. So utterly lame.

  • seriously, why can't we search routes!  when traveling this is a HUGE feature and one that mapmyride already has.  Should be simple, probably won't renew strava if this feature is not added.  

  • This is so much missing. Cannot we have just a simple search at least ?  come on !

  • I'm tired of getting notifications that yet another person has posted to say "Yeah, why can't we search routes?" I'm unsubscribing to this thread, or filtering the e-mails. Get it together, Strava -- you're supposed to be the "serious cyclist" app!

  • Please add this feature, it's the one of the only things keeping Strava from being the total package for me!

  • I think share and organize route are important like activities.

    If I plan to ride in a place, I intrested to know the best routes in that place.

    Something like could be good ;-)

  • I do know a person that posted in the past routes I'd need for my next trip, I can see the routes from my iPhone app but I cannot reach it from my laptop to download the gpx for my garmin... that's just bad. +1 for me to add route search. Segments are even not interesting anymore now that Phil Gaimon is working to get all the KOMs

  • Man, no one from Strava even bothers to respond.  This is K-Mart level customer service.

  • I've given up and use now. Search, as also streetview in the map view do you can check it really is a road... Strava has sent me on in impassable tracks too many times.

  • I originally posted about this around 3 years ago. Since then Strava has proven incapable of responding to a relatively simple service request supported by many of their clients. The lack of this service on Strava makes this product inferior.

    I work for a cycling touring company that usually has a few thousand guests each year all Over the world .

    For the past few years we have used Strava in hows they would correct this inferiority issue with an update but unfortunately they have completely dropped the ball.

    We won't be waiting any longer for strava to get their act together, there are too many companies providing superior services to waste any time.

    I just want whoever at Strava yo know that due to their inaction over these past years, we will no longer be introducing your product to our clients.

    Good luck with your business but we won't be participating in this failed business model.

  • We at Strava are very interested in building ways to explore routes created by our community. This fall and winter we will explore the search & explore concept and I'll be sure to keep everyone updated when development gets planned.

  • After three years how is this not been made available.

  • Agreed this would be a great feature. As I'm traveling the US I'm personally not interested in KOM and tiny segments that mean nothing to me. A full route — even if it's made up of statistically connected/ridden-on-one-ride segments — means I can find a complete route that suites the time I have. For posterity, these are the route specs that would appeal to me:

    - length/distance

    - ascent/descent

    - popularity (how often the complete route (or 90% of it is ridden in one session) which translates loosely to safety and/or route quality)

    - terrain/s (percentage of road/bike path/trail/offroad etc. not a must have but would be nice)

    And a social nice to have would be similar to bandsintown's "RSVP for the show", where I may choose to ride a route I found at a particular date/time, say this coming saturday at 7am. I could potentially select that ahead of time and strava may show me others who are riding the route at the same time thatI could potentially ride with. Not 100%I'd use this but as I'm travelling it could be a nice way to meet local cyclists. (* this feature assumes some sort of privacy level where the other person has a public profile so I could see their level and/or message them about a potential riding buddy).

  • +1

  • How this cannot be a feature is beyond me. Finding routes in the vacinity - must have, no? Please add asap! :-)

  • Add to the vast list by pissed offness at this not being a facility on such a runner oriented app. Please sort it.

  • Subscription canceled. Let me know when this feature is added.

  • It is now into 2018 and the promise was Fall / Winter 2017.

    Are we there yet.  Spring / Summer fast approaching and we are all wondering when this needed feature will happen

    Updates please ?


  • Why still no route search?

    it is really nice to be able to find routes created by other runners! it is particularly useful when you travel and want to discover new places while running. I used it in runkeeper a lot but their application was always crashing on my phone. I will consider finding a third application that allows the search for public routes now.

  • I thought i had done this in the past when searching for a route so has this feature been removed?

  • I had been thinking I was stupid. I had even spotted a you tube video with someone showing me this feature but on my login the option is not there? Why would I want to find a segmant? I am going to Mallorca and want to find some good routes. I will be cancelling my premium when it is renewal time if this is not added.

  • Yes as I mentioned earlier I am 100% sure I have done this before when looking for a route when going on holiday etc so has it been deactivated?

  • Well there used to be a Strava Labs project called the Clusterer which was reasonably good ... you could set criteria (e.g distance) then it would show you popular routes in the area of your map zoom.

    But they seem to have pulled it down when everyone got their knickers in a twist about people who should know better turning on a GPS tracker and making their data public and thus lighting up 'sensitive locations'. Not like anyone interested wouldn't have already known about these before the Strava Global Heatmap came along!

    see here: 

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