Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Map-based exploring/searching for Routes in the 'Explore' section, similar to the map-based segment explore that currently exists.

If someone has taken the time to create a route, chances are that route is a better indication for a good ride or run route than popular segments. 

Currently, when I'm in a new location, I use popular segments from the segment explorer to drill down to activities to ry and identify good routes, in combination with popularity in Route Builder and the Strava labs world heat map. It would be nice to not have to create my own route for every location I visit. Local knowledge is the best!



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  • mmmm....Premium member ever since I joined and now REALLY considering it not worth it - I have been waiting like others on this thread since even before 2014! Garmin / Ride with GPS / Map-My Ride / Plot a route. /  - they are not being sued!  Not interested in Strava Local unless it details all the rides exactly where I am going.

  • Where is Strava with this? I don't understand why it takes so long to produce something like this where the community can search, comment, rate, etc. certain routes.

    Plenty of other sites offer this but not Strava. Not sure whether Premium is really worth it at all.

  • update please.  This is clearly a feature that your paying members are hoping for.

  • Well where is this feature?

  • Really, really, really frustrating I can't search for Routes created by others.  I want to find ROUTES, not SEGMENTS.  I'm thinking of leaving Strava if this isn't provided soon.  I often travel and one of the first things I do is look for a new running  route.  Today, I have to spend all kinds of time manually preparing my own routes by trying to piece together pieces of segments.  That is really frustrating and time consuming. 

    I want to spend more time running my routes and less time building my routes.  

    Please provide a date when Strava will release this basic feature.

  • I just paid for a Strava membership and now see that I can't see routes and explore/download runs I'd like to take. This is like paying for cable and then realizing there is no list of programming.

    As you ought be able to discern from this years-long thread, this is a fundamental product need. The fact that you are the dominant tool with which people track their runs and do not provide this feature makes its absence...worse.

    I am canceling, but I'll be back when you're selling what i'm trying to buy.


  • I can not frikin believe I can not search for routes...argh  I am so pissed.  This needs to be a priority  and quite frankly this should be easy peasy for a competent programmer to put together over a couple of days or less. 

  • PS: the segment explorer is a limited tool, it 

  • My Summit renewal recently failed as i’d changed details .. then i thought about all the actually useful things Strava HAVENT done in the last few years (like this) and figured nope - wont be updating those details!

  • I haven't seen a comment for the " Strava Team "  about this since it went up.  There will be some  meaningless piece of  prose at some stage with " Management speak"

    Come on Strava.... "YES" to the Feature or "NO"  



  • This post started in June of 2014 and still nothing has happened..........

  • Still Waiting

  • Strava, update on this?

  • Strava forced me to give up on strava and I joined "ride with GPS"

  • Yawn. Does Strava even have a development team? Or is it just a bunch of middle managers wondering how to cram my feed with SPAM. I reckon I could implement this feature in two days and I don't even know how to code. Sigh.

    I used to donate a fee to Strava monthly (because let's face it, Premium/Summit is a waste of money) as I supported the company. Not any more.

  • 104 comments on here and there's a sort feature. I have more routes. Just sayin.

  • Hello anyone from support got an update on routes??? Do any devs care? Do you listen to this feedback anymore?

  • Looking to see where Strava is at on searching for Public Poutes. Looks like this has been an issues for the past 5 years with no update since 2018. We as community all would like to know what the plans are. 

  • Here’s what I did. Download mapmyrun app. It allows searching for routes.

  • really unbelieveble... STRAVA, why do I pay for an account?

  • I'll just add $0.02 for what they're worth:  it seems that a) Strava doesn't give much of a rat's backside what users want and b) it sucks that this feature hasn't been implemented five years after the request.  I find Strava's route-making procedure to be one of the better ones and Wahoo integration is less flaky for me than RWGPS or Komoot (both of which I've come to loathe), but the lack of any ability to find other routes from other users is just... I dunno... WTF do you all do there aside from implementing more ads?  Freaking ads! 

    Getting closer and closer to terminating my Summit membership.  None of you there seem to add anything to make this a more useful site.  This request isn't a tough one to actually implement, unless you're all just brogrammers that only know how to write spaghetti PHP. 

  • I kind of wish Strava would just open source. I'd happily build this feature out myself.

  • I thought finding and using other athletes routes should be evident but...

    On the strava support page for routes it says that you can star routes created by other athletes to save them to your routes page...

    Too bad I can't find any public routes on

    Please do implement this feature ASAP!

  • Rob, this feature was requested five years ago so don't hold your breath. However... RideWithGPS has this ability to browse...  Just sayin'.  I've also discovered that RWGPS is now properly syncing with my ELEMNT so I don't bother with Strava Routes anymore.

    I've canceled my subscription to Strava b/c they seem too busy to implement much else other than ads.  Many of us have also requested private segments that you can share with friends and not keep open to the public, but that got about as much attention as this request.

  • Five years from the first post... and the feature is still not available and not clear whether it is in the roadmap.

    The irony is that Garmin (the owner of Strava) has been offering Course Search functionality in Garmin Connect for years. And it is a free service. While Strava premium is paid for, and does not offer it. 

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