Feedback for more Leaderboard Filters and Sort Options

Others have suggested sort by date, and the other columns (power, heart rate, average speed).

Premium allows sort by age classification.

I would also like
1) All my times AND the leader board (i.e. everyone else's best times)
2) Past Month/3 months/6months/year
3) Commuters (i.e. segments times of those activities that were marked as commute)
4) Regulars or people who have run the route more than 3/510 times
5) Locals only (people based within the same prefecture/state/county/city X miles)
6) Wind conditions (when wind conditions are included in activity data)

I would like to be able to set combinations of sorts too. (E.g. my times in the past 3 months)

The reason for these sorts are mainly just ego-massage, but that is a lot of what Strava is about!

At first Strava was great because every ride I went on I got the ego massage of a "cup". But now of course, I can't beat my own best time, let alone the best times of fast guys that have come to snipe KOM's once from afar.

So to keep getting the congratulatory and motivating ego-massage, I would would like to see where I stand amongst the commuters, that have done the route a few times, in the past year, etc and not just feel dismayed about being behind those super fast KOM snipers.





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  • Thanks Tim! I really like this idea. I hope others in the community chime in as well and really get the discussion going. 

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