Add a new (fifth) graph plotting elevation change and grade% -- usable data not currently available

Elevation change/grade % data analysis is essential.  It can't be done with what we now have. Others have asked to add zoom to the elevation chart (Rodd Clarke) -- and that would be great --  and Hugo Palma asks for segment elevation change data on the segment page -- good as well.  I'm expanding on those requests and proposing something that might be more readily available for Strava to implement: an additional (fifth) line graph that plots elevation change/grade % .  I'll be content to have any suggestion adopted, but I think we'd all value a separate graph that can be partitioned like the others and highlighted for segments as well.



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  • +1. I added a request in the wrong area for this feature. I suggested:

    Please add the function to show % grade/incline on the elevation profile. Ridewithgps has this feature and I find it very useful. This could hopefully be on all pages where the elevation profile shows up, especially:
    - overview of ride page on main elevation profile
    - overview of ride page on segment elevation profiles
    - analysis pages
    - route builder
    There could be a button to toggle this on or off. Ridewithgps puts the % grade on the right hand side with the elevation on the left hand side.

    An example image from ridewithgps is attached


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