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Hello Strava,


Android Wear has just received an update that allows tracking using the watch's in-built GPS.  Currently only the Sony Smartwatch 3 supports this, however, I'm sure this will change very soon.  It would be great to leave my phone behind when I go cycling/running and just use my smart watch to track my progress.  Please can you tell me, does Strava have plans to utilize this new standalone GPS functionality in an Android Wear app?





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  • Come on Strava, it has been nearly a year since Android Wear has made it possible to have standalone. Please listen and make this a feature for Strava! There are only going to be more of the devices on the market in the near future and if you do not take advantage of it, other companies will(and are).
  • Wow. After seeing strava has no intent to implement GPS capabilities yet all their competitors already do... I'll be cancelling my subscription at the end of the month and quit.
  • The standalone GPS works for the app iFit on the Sony smartwatch 3, so the functionality is available and has been tested. I would really like to be able to go for an evening jog and track it using Strava, without having to carry my phone with me.

  • new watches with gps are coming: e.g. moto 360 sport:

    the first thing i would do is ditch the "moto body" sport app.

    to be able to track my run using strava - without internet connection - would be so nice. thanks

  • does runtastic or endomondo have this already for gps smartwatches? are you happy with it?

    what gps smartwatches are u using? i checked a year ago and there seemed just to be the sony smartwatch.


  • I've been using the Samsung Gear S since Christmas; technically I could use Endomundo but you still have to have the phone with you so no point.
  • Wow, I've been really stupid on this I think. Just got a Sony Smartwatch 3 thinking I can have music and Strava with me and leave my old Garmin and phone at home. 

    So it seems I can't though? I just tried and the Strava app is telling me there's no connected device as soon as I leave the house. So it's of absolutely no advantage to me then? I may as well stick with my Garmin and upload again after?

    I want something that measures my run and enables me to look at my progress on my watch - it seems that Ghostracer is the best option? And if I can't upload to Strava afterwards then so what, I'll take my £4 a month back and try one of the others I guess....

  • Chris ghostrunner works well with strava. Also wear media is the best for downloading music although it doesn't appear to like flacs.also imptessd by vimo for golfers.
  • I am using my Sony smart watch 3 with ghostwriter, then when it's finished and im back I hit finish And save, and it uploads to strata etc. I use cancelled my Strava subscription since I can't utilise any premium features now, and Strava customer support basically said they have no intention of utilising standalone device GPS support. Stupid decision by Strava.
  • Well, the Moto 360 sport just shipped today.  Probably would be a good time to support this as more people will start having gps enabled devices.


    hire the Ghostracer dev if your current dev's aren't into it!

  • anyone else who is reading this the native Moto 360 sport 'gps app' has automatic strava upload support baked in.  I guess strava doesn't need to develop this anymore :/

  • There was an update today for the beta of Strava that stated wear GPS. Did not get anything new though. Anyone with a sw3 to check it ? 

  • Yeah, just checked - nothing different.

    Turned my phone off, started Strava on my SW3, pressed start activity and got the "not connected to any device" message.

    No worries, I'll stick with Ghostracer which is working well for me and synching automatically when finished.

  • I shall check if GPS for android wear is working with my sony smartwatch 3 this evening and report back.

  • It would be really great to support this feature. I'd love to be able to leave my phone at home on bike rides with my Moto 360 Sport.

    I know that Moto Body tracks running and integrates with Strava, but it doesn't track biking activities yet.

  • Guys it just happened! 

    In the beta version of android I just used my moto360 sport with HR enabled and no phone!


  • Thanks for your interest in helping Strava test our next version of Android Wear with stand-alone GPS support! We're opening the beta to anyone with a compatible device (Motorola 360 Sport and Sony SmartWatch3).

    Please add your Strava ID to this form.

    We’ll add everyone's ID's on March 3rd 2016. After that, we'll need you to opt in here. Once you've received the beta update, all you need to do is enable the Wear features in your Strava Settings. Go to Settings > Wear to enable.


    That’s it, you’re ready to test the latest version of Android Wear! We really appreciate your help. Please submit your feedback and any bugs to our Wear Form.


    Sean Strava Support Team

  • Great! I have signed up and looking forward to this!

  • I've completed the form to be included - I presume the Strava id needed is just the number (7 digits in my case) in the URL bar of your profile page?

  • Well I tried it today and it worked fine while I was running but it hasn't uploaded from my watch so my run isn't showing on my activities. Any ideas?

  • I saw this topic only today, I have a moto 360 sport, is it possible to be included on beta test? :/

  • For those who lost an activity I had the same issue, only once in 8 total. 
    Strange and quite frustrating. Please feel the form that was provided and add any info available about this

  • I just tried out the new update to support new Wear devices with built-in GPS on my SW3, and it worked as expected except for heart rate monitoring. Does this mode also support heart rate monitors like the phone app do, or is it something wrong with my configuration?

  • Just manually via settings on the watch add the permissions to allow body sensors.  That is for all devices with mm. Strava wear does not ask for them. Confusing I know. 

  • The GPS on my smartwatch 3 was working perfectly, but it looks like the functionality has been disabled. Anyone else have the same problem?

  • Hello,

    I attempted to sign up for a beta version of the standalone app on my Sony Smartwatch 3.

    I downloaded the update and paired with my phone and it appears that I may have the beta version of the app on the SmartWatch3 as I see the stock Android icon.

    However, when I try to start the app unpaired, I still get the not paired to a device error.

    Can you let me know what I may have wrong?

  • Patrick Dure, you need to enable to use watch gps in the phone app settings.

  • I've enabled the "use watch GPS" feature described above, but the watch hasn't been tracking my mileage. The timer starts even when I'm not connected to my phone (didn't used to do that, would say "error, not connected to a device"), but doesn't record distance. Strangely, the auto-pause feature does work...when I'm at a stoplight the timer stops, so the watch does know I'm not moving. Any ideas? Am I missing something?

  • I noticed the same thing as well..the tracking doesn't start until well into the workout.  Auto-pause function does work.  Would be great if the standalone with Android Wear would be more consistent.

  • Unfortunately same issue with the Smartwatch 3. Without phone time starts to count, but no distance or speed is shown. If auto pause is enabled watch stucks in auto pause.
    For me it seems, that Strava recognize the internal GPS of Smartwatch (no error on starting) but while tracking no moving is noticed.

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