Should Virtual Ride Data Count Towards Cycling Stats?

Virtual Rides should count towards weekly cycling times and distances.  If anything the time spent in our garages should count double ;-)


It would also be great if virtual rides showed up visually as part of the cycling 'circles' in the Training log, not as an '+XT' at the bottom.  


These changes would help keep better track of how much we're training and how many days we're on the bike, regardless of format.



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  • Justin Bowen Maybe you haven't read through these, but I believe it is definitely NOT the vast majority agree they should be separate, it is very well split among those who would like them separate and those that want them together, and a third group mostly concerned with visibility, like being able to set not seeing OTHERS virtual rides. I'd say any decision on this would then bring up another issue asking to undo whatever decision was made.

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  • As long as Strava doesn't change anything at this topic, I'm not going to pay for it. Me and a lot of other people won't pay as long as we still see Zwift activitys in the leaderboards and stats.

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