What does the "commute" button actually do?

What does the "commute" button actually do?  I bike commute a lot and I try to always click this button assuming that I could filter my activity logs for commutes.  Well I've actually tried that and don't see that it is an option.  So what does clicking that button do?



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  • Another great reason to flag activities as "Commutes" is if you want to make some beautiful exercise art with Sisu. The commutes kind of screw up the visuals.


  • @Elle Anderson is there a update to the commute tag? I dont want to spam my friends but track every ride... Thats the main issue?

  • Hey Olivier, we're still working on an algorithmic ordering of the feed (more on our blog) which may be effective at filtering commute activities to lower down in the feed. Other than that, we don't have plans for anything specific to commute at this time. 

  • Elle, no one wants non-chronological feeds or are Strava tone deaf to their user's responses?

  • Why does it take so long to implement this feature? This thread clearly states what the community want.

  • Is there any update on this please? Be great to actually use this feature and there are some great ideas on here from other members.

  • Btw, you actually can work around most of the issues mentioned here:

    If you upload a ride, tag it "commute", mark it "private" but do not hide it from the segments.


    1) Doesn't clutter up your follower's feeds

    2) Segments are updated like in normal rides

    3) Counts for your weekly/yearly stats

    4) Allows segmentation of commutes from regular rides in the activity log


    Disadvantage: Does not count for challenges like distance challenge etc.



  • @Jan nis: another disadvantage: cannot be seen on your heatmap. Stats cannot be seen by others (only kilometers which are public are visible for others)

    So please, Strava: Let commutes count, but give us a possibility to hide commutes from the feed.

  • @Mark

    I'm totally with you and weirdly Strava has even changed the settings such that the workarorund I mentioned above does not work anymore.

    If you mark your ride "private", you still have the option to specify "show on learderbords" but independent of whether you tick it or not, you do not show up on leaderbords.


  • Can anyone tell me how the commute tag effects calories?  If I tag my ride as commute it changes the amount of calories burned.  I know the calories burned is an estimate either way but whether I'm riding to work or just riding I'm still going the same distance, climbing the same amount...all in a certain time/at a certain speed.  The fact that I just happen to end up at work should have no effect on the amount of energy I used to do the ride.


  • I agree with most o the comments above but also think Strava could use this data as backing for cycling promotion... bike to work campaigns, pushes for improved city infrastructure etc. could even be a cool social campaign.

  • Hi,

    Any development on this? I agree with what's been said - commutes should be able to count, but not bore others. Any workaround?


  • Im so sad of lack of development by Strava...
    Lot of feedbacks and wishes but always nothing done...

  • Looking through these feeds it’s clear how strava should be implementing the commute feature, and how the users want to use it. I was gathering hope for them to get the ball rolling until I seen how old these comments are, 2014 and strava still have this unused feature

  • A simpler solution could be to let the user choose if the default activity should be tagged as commute or not.

    The same behavior Strava use to set the default bike, the default shoes or the default privacy could be use for communte activities too.

    Why not a default boolean "isCommute"?

  • 5 years this has been in discussion and it seems plenty of users would like to be able to utilise some functionality of the commute label.

    I race, train and commute and all 3 ride labels are useful for tracking progress. I agree that commute could be seen as a nice to have reporting feature, but as the label exists, it seems strange to not add a bit of reporting to it:

    • Default as ride type
    • Stat on distance commuted
    • You could even set a default based on linking to a specific bike: I.E on bike A, set it as the commuter which could then default any rides on that bike to be labelled as a commute. This is already similar when uploading a virtual ride as "indoor".
    • Strava could even analyse the route, to spot a regular ride at regular times and auto detect its a commute ( similar to the Google maps user details)

    We pay a lot for the service and it seems a little ask from the community on this one. Not everyone needs FTP, Avg power, KOM's and the like and for those of us that do, we also use our bikes for simply "getting to work" - some might only use Strava for the commute.... A little bit of feedback from the Strava team would be good to see if this will ever go anywhere.

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