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I've been using Strava for a while now and am considering an upgrade to Premium.

I noticed one area for improvement though. Strava creates automatic personal bests based on uploaded tracks. For most of the official distances (like 10k, hm and M), most people get their PR on these distances during officially organized runs, which means that the total distance of the run recorded by GPS will be around that official distance. However, sometimes it's a bit less. A couple of weekends ago for example I ran a HM with a huge PR but GPS recorded 21,05k. No new best estimate for me...

Would it be an idea to improve the best estimate calculation with a check whether other users ran the same track? If so, it was probably an organized run and you can use the average distance of all these users to at least determine if it was a full HM, marathon or 10k. If I look at my fellow runners, they all recorded distances between 21,05 and 21,20.

It's just a way to deal with the GPS inaccuracy issue in combination with best estimates.

Thanks for taking my suggestion into account.

Best regards, Friso



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