Club leaders and leaderboards

Club leaderboards show the leaders for the last week or all members for last/present week. All the results are therefore forgotten within two weeks!

It would be nice to have more option for the time period. Like this month, previous month, January, February,..., annual, (or select between two arbitrary dates).

It would be also great to have another leaderboard which would show the leader for each week/month in current year depending on particular parameter (distance, runs, elevation,...) - like the example below:

Week | Distance | Runs | Elevation

1. | John (87km) | Peter (10) | John (2540)

2. | Jack (102km) | Peter (11) | John (1650)

3. | Peter (79km) | Peter (9) | Jack (850)



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    We have various topics already posted in our community: 

    Year-to-Date Club Leaderboard

    Add Monthly and Annual Club Leaderboards

    Allow Club Leaderboards to be customizable

    Please be sure to add your comments and votes to one of our existing topics. Thanks. 

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  • Strava - don;t forget to make leaderboards recognize the local time zone.  Nothing like seeing the week end Sunday afternoon when you might still have a ride to post.

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  • Vojtech, you are perfectly right, our club is also looking for this feature, it would improve our user experience a lot!

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  • yes please club leaderboard this week to ba called from the strava api

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  • It would be nice to be able to specify a time period (e.g. month/ or from date A to date B)

    Would be more versatile.
    As all the workout data would be somewhere in the cloud

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  • This sounds like a great option to have. I set up my very first club for running 500 miles throughout 2018 and, obviously, we already have a leaderboard. We don't want the miles done in 2017 to count, will it automatically reset for 2018 and, if not, is there a way to reset it?

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  • Looks like this has been discussed for four years or more ...can’t think it can be that difficult. Come on Strava, sort it out!

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  • Try - it might give you what you are looking for.

    Rather than a weekly leaderboard it is a rolling 4 week leaderboard - so there is never a 'winner', it just keeps rolling over. It does mean you aren't at risk of missing that weekly roll over.

    It wouldn't be too difficult to extend this to a 'YTD' leaderboard or a rolling 52 week leaderboard. But for now we've found that 4 weeks is about the right duration.   'YTD' also has an issue that if you didn't sign up by 1st Jan you are always playing catchup, which can be demotivating.

    It uses various metrics for clubs you are a member of and for your group of friends (i.e. your personal club). Currently leaderboards are created for swim/ride/run activities. And the leaderboards can be sorted by number of activities, total distance, distance per activity, pace/speed, PRs, total climb, average gradient, moving time, elapsed time, time efficiency etc.

    To get most from it you need friends / other club members to sign up. And then you link to each other via the site. Until recently that was done automatically via Strava 'friends' but currently the friends API is out of action. Fingers crossed Strava will reintroduce it soon.

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  • Hello there!
    I'm new to Strava and have just created my 1st club. Can i change the leaderboard to show distance travelled as opposed to the current total time?
    Many thanks in advance.

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