Why are times crazy fast/unreal after sync...?

Went on a run today, on a 5.3km course I've run several times.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 announced my pace as I was running and it was consistent with how I felt and my usual pace.

End result - Samsung Gear Fit 2 - Accurate and consistent

  • 1st km 4:15
  • Most other kms around 4:30
  • Total Distance 5.3km
  • Total time 24 minutes
End result - after syncing with Strava (Android on Galaxy S6 edge+) - Impossible
  • 1st km - 2:55 (new record!)
  • Most other kms close to 4mins flat
  • Total Distance 5.3km
  • Total time (20:15)
  • GPS Map aligned with course
Any idea where the 4 minutes overall time and split times went?

Never had this issue with Garmin watch and same phone.

Didn't previously have this issue with this watch/phone combo.

Note: thinking it's a strava issue considering a friend ran the same course at same time +1km using phone only (iPhone) and his times still seem a bit quick once syncd by 15-30 seconds per km.






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  • My suunto does the same. 

    Perfect data on Movescount BUT same as your prob on Strava.

    Moral of story: Take Strava with a very big grain of salt...

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  • Thanks Martin,

    Looks like we will be following up with you in a direct support ticket. 


    Mick - hard to say what the issue is without taking a look at the file, but may be linked to wonky GPS data. 

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  • Hi Strava, I am now experiencing the same issue. My Suunto Ambit 3 is consistent, Strava misinterprets the data, reduces the time spent on my feet and posts crazy running speeds. Credibility is at stake here

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  • Craig, best thing to do is to send specific examples to our support team by submitting at ticket at the bottom of this page. Thanks. 

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