Ability to view recent activities in given area?

Is there any way to view recent activities in a given area, or even on a given segment? It would be enormously helpful in scouting out conditions to know if people have ridden there recently.

In the early months of the year, I've accomplished this by choosing a popular segment, narrowing leaderboard to "This Year," and scrolling through results to look at recent date. Obviously a cumbersome approach.

Even if it wasn't disaggregated by individual for privacy concerns, being able to view a heatmap for the last week or two would also be helpful to get a rough sense if anyone has successfully ridden there.



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  • I've been harping on the loss of the activity search function.  i used to use it for things like this.  i would search for someone running/riding a certain trail or whatever, and then message them to say "what are the conditions like etc?  trees down,  mud, is the riding good? "  and most people were very responsive and helpful.  this was great for trails off the beaten path stuff or snow condition dependent activities.  

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  • I'll add that this would be REALLY useful for snow sports like X-C skiing. Since winters are getting more and more unpredictable, I often end up searching farther and farther from home to find places to go skiing (skijoring, mostly). While there are tools that indicate how much snow is likely on the ground in general, there's often a big difference between that and what the conditions are like on the trail: has it been groomed? Is it a shared-use trail that has been churned up by foot traffic? Strava could be really helpful if it had:

    • search by sport and relatively short time intervals, useful for trail conditions that can change from day to day or week to week
    • a separate trail conditions field that would help pull out that information from the clutter of the general comments field

    Speaking of skijoring, it would be great to also have separate dog-sport categories, both because they have different fitness implications, and also trail condition needs.

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