What happened with the search box? It only searches "My Activities"

I used to successfully search for activities of other users in Strava, suddenly it only makes searches on my activities. What happened? How can I solve this? I'm a premium user.



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  • I noticed that also. It would be nice to see the routes of races from those who I don't follow. Limiting the searches only to myself is redunant to the training log.

  • I have the same problem!

  • The same for me... Assume it is linked with personnal data policy changes... Very disapointed.

  • they stripped those features, also labs clusterer is gone. they didn't bother to notify premium users at all (i WAS one too)

    I cancelled my subcription because of it. 

  • I'm assuming it has to do with the recent issue of Heat Maps (which are awesome) and that military personnel were using Strava and didn't make their activities private.


  • I have the same question, can anyone help?

  • not sure why they changed it, but it happened right around that thing with the heat map and the military.  the easiest way to solve it is to ask for it back,  then take your $$ back and dump premium if it doesn't come back.  We've paid them money for a service (for me, seeing where and what type of activities people are doing in the vast wilderness around me)   and they have taken this functionality away.  now they've given us silly newsfeed clutter like challenges that most don't seem to care about.  if the functionality we want doesn't come back,  take your $ back.  

  • Same issue here.  Last year I built a number of routes using other riders' activities as a starting point.  Where did this feature go?

  • I was wondering exactly the same thing. I used to use this feature regularly then suddenly it disappeared for no apparent reason. Would love to know why and would also love to know how we can now search for activities that are not just our own!

  • I posted this as a response to another post:

    Great question. My understanding is that it was removed and had something to do with the whole heat map fiasco with the soldiers overseas.

    I absolutely loved that feature to look at routes for racing I plan on doing and seeing how others have done and what it looked like beyond a generic course map.

    If it isn't coming back, I'm done with premium.

  • BUMP


    looking for this feature, it appears to be gone!

  • Was really the main reason I had premium was the search and create route features... oh well, I guess I can save some money now.

  • Please bring this back.  This is critical for route exploration or looking a prior year races etc.   If you need to fix a privacy thing then do it and give it back and let us know what is happening.

  • Oh my god... This was THE reason for subscribing to Strava Premium!!!!! I travel a lot (lucky me...) and whenever I can go on rides I do so... I was completely DEPENDENT on the Strava Search function to find good routes to follow. This is nuts. Surely they'll lose LOADS of customers?????

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