To change Max Elevation to Elevation Range

Problem description:

Strava app> any running activity feed> Elevation graph: Values of "Elevation Gain" and "Max Elevation" are being presented under the graph. 
The "Max Elevation" value is for most worldwide runners not interesting as it means only the highest point in meters/feet above the sea level.

Improvement suggestion:

1. Instead (or in addition) of "Max Elevation" I suggest to present the "Elevation Range" value which is the result of "Max Elevation" minus "Min Elevation". By that two interesting values will be presented under the elevation graph: "Elevation Gain" and "Elevation Range". Then runners and coaches will will better be able to evaluate hills activities by considering also the correlation between the two values.

2. I suggest adding "Elevation Range" also to the online activity presentation - as we see when we use a computer to view our activities.



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