Problem with duplicated activities

The Apple Watch and Strava are one way to record data, Garmin is another. Problem is Garmin can tap into all ANT devices, while Strava only some. So, Garmin gets HR, cadence, speed, GPS, and power meter data. Garmin doesn’t communicate with my Apple Watch, but it does have Garmin Connect. Garmin automatically dumps data into Strava to create an activity. If I record one activity simultaneously with both Strava app and Garmin, I end up with two activities on Strava, which messes up my cumulative Strava record. Can Strava be fixed to cognize by time one activity and automatically give user a choice to merge data?



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  • So I found a workaround, although at the moment, it has me wondering exactly why I need Strava. Since I already upgraded, I will stick with it for now. But I'm evaluating my options since Strava does not wish to resolve this.

    Anyway, the workaround:

    I use Polar Flow because I have the Polar H10 (which does not work with Strava). If you run Strava AND your non-working device, the non-working device will update its account. Then the account, if linked, will update Strava.

    You will see your achievements and segments that way, it appears.

    However, if you run Strava AND your non-Strava-compatible device, then it will give duplicates. Not only that, but when you go to delete the Strava run (because it doesn't have the heartbeat data, in my case), then your stats are off. Because your PR, 2, and 3 places are calculated first off Strava's run.

    I needed Strava because I needed the Beacon. But the above-mentioned duplication and problem with trying to just delete the Strava run messed everything up.

    So...I now have a paid subscription to RunKeeper, which allows me to have a Beacon. I run RunKeeper and Polar Beat (which updates Polar Flow, which updates Strava). RunKeeper gives me the beacon I need, and Polar Flow updates Strava, so there is no duplication in Strava.

    I DO NOT run Strava directly.

    Which raises the question: "Why have Strava at all?"

    I haven't answered that yet, except that I like the social nature of it. But that may not be enough come renewal time.

    And Strava, apparently, does not care. So that may make the decision easy.

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  • Hey Rick Horowitz,

    Funny you asked the question of why we need Strava, I was asking myself the same question.  My workaround with my Garmin Edge 520 is DON'T turn on Strava because Garmin Connect (which is Free) will upload the ride to Strava with no duplicates.  Segments and all.

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  • This is a pain in the butt when using Zwift.

    Merging two datasets should be pretty straightforward. It’s literally just adding an extra data column, while comparing the time scales from both devices. Add the option to disable auto merge for those wanting redundancy, and let us select which dataset to prioritise where duplication occurs, or even better just log them both individually for easy comparison of device data.

    Pretty grim that such a simple fix hasn’t been fixed in over 2 and a half years, and that Strava’s official response seems to be “can’t be bothered”. You could at least pretend to look into it!

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