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Since all posts regarding this topic are quite old :-) As a Strava Premium user, I would like to have some more flexibility on what pops up on my news feed. I understand it's an algorithm which determines what I see, but would it be possible to have configuration options to switch on/off the following things?

  • Runs shorter than 1 mile / 2 km. Mostly warming up or cooling down sessions or people just keeping a running streak alive.
  • Posts without any activity. Probably, people like to read them, but there's a reason I am not on Facebook anymore... I don't feel the need to scroll through stories ;-)
  • SWIFT rides
  • Suggested athletes. I know the people I want to follow, I don't need any suggestions, especially not every day the same suggestions.


Cheers, Friso



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  • It will be interesting to see what they do with the feed. 

    • I personally don't mind the posts since they aren't incredibly frequent, and I've often gotten value from them (workout idea, stretches or some motivation).
    • I'd agree with the short runs - there should be a tag for warmups and cool downs, or to somehow group them with a main run, without it affecting your pace for you main workout.
    • Peloton, Flywheel, Zwift, Trainerroad - I do find them really inauthentic compared to the rest of the feed, something about the stock images just doesn't feel right and is definitely not exciting when you've seen it more than once. I think the activity is important, but should be represented differently, should not have the same prominence/size on the feed as a regular event!
    • Perhaps when you have followed over ~10 people they can stop suggesting people, this is probably more so intended for people with small networks so they can get the full experience of receiving and giving kudos, and also a full activity wall
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  • absolutely agree.  we don't want to see certain things.  for me, i don't care about anyone's silly challenges.  Zwift is great for riding inside but pretty boring to have on my feed.  same with the warm ups and cool downs.   and the repetitive suggestions.   Right now my friends are BC skiing in the Alps,  that's what i want to see on my feed, but it's buried among crap that i can't filter (i guess i can unfollow alot of other people, but there SHOULD be a better solution) And for my friend in the Alps who uploads once a week at the end of the week,  i'll probably never see his stuff unless i search his profile specifically. 

    Facebook allows you see less of certain things and hide ads from "xyz" etc,   what can't we do that here?

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  • Yes! I don't want to unfollow people, but I would love to hide them from my feed or lower the number of activities that show on my feed. Allow us to hide short rides and runs. This is especially true for those that do a weekly dump, all the sudden my feed is two pages from the same person. I really liked the old way of showing the feed in chronological order rather than when they are posted. Following pro athletes has become less desirable because of this too. When they post 5 runs a day, it's becoming impossible to find my close friends activities. I want to follow pros, but don't want to see every single activity they do.

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  • +1 I could really do without seeing warm ups and cool downs.

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  • Strava needs this! There are a lot of mini yoga sessions etc on my feed, where people use strava to track their own workouts but there is no value to me. Also by now there are a lot of people I *know* (a little!) but only few I’m really interested in (= same sports, etc), and I keep missing their posts. Filtering would be outstanding!

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