Wrong time zone for swimming

Can anybody help me with this?
Starting time of my running activities are correct, however starting time of swimming activities lag by seven hours.
If I run in the morning my activity would be correctly labeled as a morning run.
If I swim in the morning my activity would be labeled as a night swim and starting hour would be let's say 2 am iso 9 am.
Starting time is correctly displayed in Garmin Connect.
Since running is correct and swimming wrong it is hard to believe this is a setting.
It looks more like a bug to me.
Could be a problem with Connect as well.
My activities are recorded with a VA3.



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  • hi, same problem for me. Running and cycling ok, only problems with swimming. 

    I use garmin Fenix 3.  And the time is correct on the garmin app.

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  • Same problem with Garmin Forerunner 910XT

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  • Found the solution. Wrong living place in my profile. So wrong time when you do an activity without gps such as indoor swim.

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  • Christophe,

    thanks for the suggestion, that must be it.

    You mean the living place in Strava I guess?

    If Strava receives only a time in UTC but no location it assumes the activity took place at home.

    Garmin should be able know in what time zone the activity took place since there is a clock in the device that records the acitivity.

    But transferring time zone is probably not included in the communication between Garmin and Strava.

    I am not going to change my home town, this is a work around for me.
    Knowing the cause I'll continue to live with this small irregularity.

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  • Christopher G. - thank you for the solution. I had the same issue with runs and bike rides syncing with the correct time, but swimming and other workouts without GPS several hours out (Garmin with the correct time, Strava incorrect), probably because I travelled overseas several months ago. Now that I've fixed my location in my Strava account, my Garmin activities are uploading with the correct time.

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