When Can We Get Truly Premium Features for Mapping?

I'd like to know when we can expect to get truly premium features for mapping. There are some of us that are paying for premium and it would be nice if we could see some of that money translate into features that help us with mapping. I'd like to have the ability to import a GPX file into a route without getting an error and ultimately not getting loaded. I'd like to be able to add POIs to my routes, I'd like to be able to split a long route, I'd like to be able to combine two routes, I'd like to be able to use a much better route editor. It seems that RideWithGPS has all these features and I'm not sure why Strava does not. Maybe someone could provide info on why the GPX loader is still a beta feature and is not being worked. I'm paying for premium and a lot of others are too. I expect things to progress with feature sets and not stay stagnant.  



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  • Add to this that Route Builder is also "beta"... how long must this be beta? When will new features come that really work?

  • Agree Premium members should have the same route features that RWGPS has. It should be a simple addition to the GPX file to allow road names for navigation. 

  • No longer paying for premium once my subscription ends in a few days. I'll wait for true premium features.

  • I just started RideWithGPS and I have to say that the mapping is so much better that Strava it's not even funny. It's ridiculous that this feature is still in beta for Strava and doesn't even work properly. Strava just needs to buy RideWithGPS if they can't make their own mapping tools. 

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