Export TCX as link, rather than URL hack

According to this article (https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918437-Exporting-your-Data-and-Bulk-Export#TCX) it is possible to export a TCX file of a single activity, but to do so you have to add a specific parameter to the activity's URL. It's great that we have this option! Thank you! But it's inconvenient that you have to remember the magic word and type it in each time you want to export an activity. ("Is it export-tcx or export_tcx...or was it tcx-export?" is what goes through my mind if I haven't done it in a while, and then I have to dig out the bookmark for the above page, or Google it.)

We already have an "Export GPX" link behind the "Actions" menu for an activity. Could we please have a new button that is a one-click solution to exporting the TCX version?

It would be an especially nice gesture to your users to make this a one-click solution as long as TCX remains absent from the bulk export option. Without bulk export, we are forced to download each activity one-by-one, which means typing "export_tcx" into the URL for each and every download.



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  • Agree 100%.  Make this a first class function in the UI please

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