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Syncing Strava activities with Google Fit seems to be hit or miss. I've had integration active for several workouts, but nothing appears in Fit. I've read to get historical data to scroll through My Feed and click details. I've managed to have two workouts appear in the Fit journal, but I cannot get the others or new workouts to appear.

As a side note, these activities are not recorded by Strava directly, but added by Zwift.

I have turned off Fit integration and re-enabled it, but I still cannot get activities to sync in Fit. Any ideas?

Android 8.0.0 on Samsung Note 8



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  • We are having similar problems with a Samsung S8 Active, ruinning Android 8.0.0.


    Sometimes we get the data into Fit, but sometimes we do not.





  • I have the exact same issue with workouts from Zwift, which subsequently sync with Strava but do not sync with Google Fit afterwards

  • Furthermore once the workout syncs properly, lots of data is missing. For instance, if you run with a device like Garmin and then sync to Strava and Google Fit there will be no heart rate data, location and steps in Google Fit.

    Given that the data belongs to me (user), I would like to send all the data down to Google Fit. Is that possible?

  • Hello, I have some troubles to with Google Fit integration. 

    It seems like Strava do not using the Google Fit API well because there are any gps and cardio data on google Fit

  • I have the same problem.

    My workout syncs properly between SportTracker and Strava but nothing between Strava and Google Fit.

  • Me too, no sync of workouts to Google fit.
    All my workouts are synced to strava, so perhaps that is it. Either done on zwift, or using a wahoo elemnt bolt. No problem with either of those getting to strava, but nothing from strava to Google.

  • Same here, from Garmin to Strava - occasionally some activity appears on Google Fit but rarely.

  • I too sync from Runkeeper using Tapirik.

    What I do is to select the synced activity in Starva and edit and save. That somehow tells Starva to register it with Google Fit. But step counts does not appear in google fit and not possible to add from Google Fit.

  • I can't get Strava to synch with GoogleFit, despite having followed the directions for connecting the two several times (disconnecting and reconnecting to see if that works). The two apps say they are connected but no workouts have ever showed up in Google Fit from Strava. Very frustrating because Strava via GoogleFit is the only way I have to get my Peloton workouts into my health care reimbursement app.  

  • Same issue as everyone else. Using an Android wear watch to track cycling and walks. Watch app syncs to strava app on my phone but not to google fit.

  • same problem. Does someone have a solution ?

  • Same issue here.

    Very rarely, my Strava activities will show up in Google Fit.

    I'm using ErgData to sync my Concept2 rows to Strava, and Wahoo Fitness to sync my other activities to Strava.

    Over the past week, which included 5 rowing workouts and 2 rides, exactly 1 row showed up in Google Fit.  I have tried all of the published troubleshooting steps, to no avail.  I don't know what was different about the single workout that did show up in Google Fit.

    Pretty frustrating considering I have all sorts of other health-related data and it all syncs to Google Fit just fine ... except for Strava.

  • Even when I track an activity with Google Fit I don't get a map, if I don't first in settings check boxes for tracking. It still gets the distant right, but no maps.

  • I have the same problem

  • I have the same issue and it is really annoying. The syncing issues started when I switched from to Since then, almost none activities are synced. I disconnected and reconnected Strava and Google fit several times, deleted google fits cache and switched back to Nothing worked. I am pretty frustrated...

    Please try to fix this!

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