Android Pie (9.0) Not tracking GPS miles

I have had a problem with Strava ever since AT&T pushed Android 9.0 to my phone on Sunday.   It tracks the first 0.1 miles, but then quits.   Location services are ON, battery optimization is turned OFF and no power saving options are enabled.  I thought it was the ridiculous Bixby button causing issues by being bumped in my pocket, but it is not.  Same issue remains after disabling Bixby.  

It would be nice to be able to record my work-outs again, rather than having to "borrow" the feed from someone else. 



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  • Exact same behavior on S10e for 2 weeks now ! It worked fine the 10 first days...

    Sometimes, I get few points...

    I checked exact same points (position, battery optimisation). It's like GPS is off when display is standby, is there any parameter around position/localisation ?

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  • I've been having this exact issue since the update on my s8. Any fix for this???

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