Recorded activity fails to save

I've been unable to save recent rides and walks.   My activities appear to record OK - screen displays location and speed etc.  

At the end of an activity I Finish then Save and my phone displays Syncing and Upload successful.   Instead of displaying the completed activity, I see nothing and the activity log disappears from the system.  Any suggestions?  Anybody experienced this?

Phone is Huawei P8 Lite.  I've switched Off and On and reinstalled Strava (version 93)



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  • I experienced the same problem in the last 3 weeks. The last 3 rides was not saved

  • I'm having exactly the same problem.

    All was working ok, but then around a week ago, despite everything appearing to work as normal on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note2 running stock Android 4.4.2 which while old, is still what the specs say is within the minimum requirement)  it also says Syncing and then Upload Successful - but no workouts show in my activity feed back on my PC.

    My wife can share her Strava feeds with me, and they do show ok. But nothing that I record myself is there.

    I've logged out of Strava. Restarted the phone and logged back in again. Still no joy.

  • Exact same issue,Huawei P8 Lite.


    Tried killing Strava app and even reinstalled, still not working.

  • I've been having the exact same problem and tried the exact same things, no idea how to fix it! Mine is the Huawei P9 Lite.

  • I'm also having this exact same problem. Its been happening for nearly the past two weeks now. I too have the Huawei P8 lite and up until now have not experienced any problems.

  • Also my phone is a Wawey P9 light and I experienced the same problem

  • I am also having same problem and can't seem to fix it - also have a Huawei

  • I updated at last version but the problem still remain

  • I’m facing the very same problem since 14th of April and missed 4 activities

    Surprisingly I’ve just found the 3 more recent ones, done between last Saturday and Monday

    I explain:

    Checking my profile I’ve found very strange to have activities registered in 1999  (10 years before Strava’s release) and there they are together with some test trials I’ve done yesterday during my train daily journey

    So I let you this hint:

    Check your profiles and look for strange dates

    The question now is how to move these activities to the right date

  • Yes I've just looked at mine too and there they all are. Dated 1999. Very strange. Like you say, how do you change the date and also how do you make sure it records the correct date for future activities?

  • I've just checked, and my 'missing' workouts are not to be found under 1999 or anywhere else (easy for me to check as I've only been using Strava for a few months).

    I'll throw in a few more things:

    I'm using a Galaxy Note 2. My wife is using a Note 4. We both do the same activity, use the same network/wifi, Her phone records the ride ok. Mine doesn't.

    I checked the Strava versions. Hers is 89.0.0 (she only installed it a few weeks ago) and she has a newer version of Android.

    Mine is 76.0.0 (I installed it about 3 months ago).

    So I went to try and update Strava, but I can't seem to be able to do it, and the Play store now tells me that Strava is incompatible with my device!

    I was previously using MapMyRide, however a few months ago, they updated something in the system, and hey presto, Android 4.4.x versions which were previously working ok, now didn't function correctly (and it was something to do with a data transfer problem! very, very similar to what seems to be happening now with Strava).

    I also use Komoot on my phone and (touch wood), that still works fine, so its not a problem with my phone's data.

    Could other people with the missing workout problem post their Android versions ? 

  • Thanks Jorge (and Kristina) for that hint. I've found my missing activities back in 1999! I note too the month shown for all of them is August even though they took place in April this year. Very strange! Thanks for your comments. I'll check my Settings....

  • Yes, mine are also there dated Aug & Sept 1999?!

  • I can confirm, same behavior, also my activities was moved to August 1999. I don't find a way to set the right date.

    I think Martin are right, may be the problem is in the GPS

  • @Gren - The GPS issue (Think Y2K) means that the activities will show as 19.7 years in the past due to the way the GPS system stores dates.


    Not sure if the update will need to be done by Huawei or Strava to fix this issue

  • Problem appears to be recognised by Strava - See for comment re. a change implemented 6th April 2019 affecting GPS data which seems to describe the underlying cause of the problems we've been experiencing.  Sounds Huawei may not have issued a software update to account for this change?  (Strava confirm 1999 dates cannot be corrected!!). 

    That Strava does not always reside happily on Huawei devices is confirmed by 

    I have gone through the checks suggested.  Will see if they work.  More likely, as my phone contract ends next month I will be replacing my phone.  It won't be Huawei!!!

  • I have experienced the same issue!

  • Same problem here, all the records are in 1999.

  • Thanks Gren for the interesting info
    But definitely Huawei is not alone on this subject because I'm using a Galaxy G531F on my rides.
    This issue might be affecting a huge amount of users and it's a shame for Strava if they don't come along with a solution at least to mitigate the problem.

    If this App loose its friendly usage others will do better

  • hola  a todos. tengo el  mismo  problema,  con ,Huawei P8 Lite. desde  hace un mes  llevo perdiendo  registros,  y  vengo  a  encontrar  los  registros  mediante los  récord de  otras  actividades registrados  en agosto y septiembre  de 1999, ¿como se  puede  arreglar  par que no siga  ocurriendo? y las  actividades  cargadas  con esa  fecha  se  pueden actualizar a la  fecha  correcta? ¿Saben si alguien  en strava  esta al tanto o se preocupa  por  dar una  solución?

  • I understood, that problem is inside the gps of our Mobiles, and Strava will do nothing to fix this.
    I don't know how, but in my opinion we have to ask Strava for a simple functionality to manually change the activities date. In this way we can avercome the issue simply setting manually the real data of activities without changing the phone.

  • Thanks !

    I have experienced the same issue for a long time and just found everything saved under 1999.

    Version 102.0.1

    Phone - Huawei  P9 lite.

  • I had the same problem today 07/07/19 my actvity was registred in 1999, somebody knows how to fix the prolem? I hava a Huawei  P Smart 2018 

  • Same phone. Same problem.

    Found my activities dated as 1999.


    Is there any way to fix this?

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