Fossil Sport - No Strava in Wear OS

I've recently purchased the Fossil Sport (model DW9F2) and though as far as I can tell this model supports Strava, I cannot move it from my phone nor find it in the Play store. Can anybody shed some light on this?



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  • The complete lack of response from Strava doesn't paint a good picture of service from the company. There are probably 5 different threads with the same problem on the forums with zero response from the developers.

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  • Same here. I've bought wear OS watch especially for the Strava app. Surprise, the app isn't available anymore. Other persons with same watch bought 3 months ago, the app works fine but isn't reachable through play store.

    Strava Support team is missing its purpose...

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  • Same here. Just factory reset my Fossil Sport and now the Strava app doesn't show up in Play Store on the watch. Can't get it reinstalled!

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  • App showed up in the store again today.

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