Make "Segment Explore" URLs shareable

Segment Explore is a great feature. It would be better if the URL for a particular view could be shared. For example, if I am looking at going to Boulder, CO and search for that location, then filter to category 3 and up, the view updates and the URL updates to,%20co/type/cycling/min/2/max/5/center/40.0364,-105.3170/zoom/11

If I try to paste the URL in another window, or e-mail it to a friend to check out some options for our trip, they do not get the same view, but a page that says

Sorry, this one stays red.

The page you’re looking for doesn’t exist, but you’re not at a dead end. Here are a few options



Please make it so that the URL is parsed/processed and produces a similar view (I'm fine with it updating because it does the search based on current data vs whenever I created the view).



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  • Anyone from Strava read this yet? Something that will be considered? Not desired?

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