Strava on Android. Can you disable live segments?

Sorry if already answered, but I've been going around in circles for ages.

I'm finding this function really irritating and getting in the way of metrics and navigation. I have no starred segments at all, so no options in dashboard.  There is no option on the device to hide live segments.

Can anyone advise what to do please?





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  • Click Settings in the upper right, then the bottom right square in settings should say 'Live' Segments...  click that to deactivate the feature.


    Live Segments are also shown if it is a popular segment.  Unfortunately you can't exit the Live Segment view very easy!  

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  • Thanks Nick!  I've clicked setting in upper right, but there is no bottom right square saying 'Live Segments' on browser or android app?

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  • apparently I was having a Stroke that day or something... In the APP, settings and the 'Live' Segments square are both on the LEFT! lol

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