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It would be really useful to expand Beacon's capabilities to track other people live on the app's map. If you're on a trip with other people and get split up (accidentally or on purpose) or you're planning to meat up with others at a specific place and time, you can kind of kludge this functionality by sending out Beacon alerts to everyone. But that only works per individual and requires firing up a browser (or multiple) in addition to the app that you're also running to broadcast your own location. It would be a lot easier, safer, more convenient, and less bandwidth to simply gather everyone in your group into Strava's map display.

I looked around to see if anyone else has requested this, but I haven't found anything, which surprises me! This seems an obvious thing to do with Strava's tech.

At a minimum, you could share with individuals like you do with Beacon, when you start your ride. (It would be awesome to do this via in-app notifications, rather than text or other messaging services.)

But you could also have an option to automatically show all the people who you follow on your app's map, if they're out at the same time.

A "live flybys" view would be pretty cool too, as an opt-in feature, though I suspect there are both bandwidth and safety issues to consider.



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  • This would be a great feature.   A great version of this would be the ability to temporarily share location of users for group events without actually being connected via Strava.   A group event organizer could share a link that participants could access and show their location, and could see the locations of other participants. 

    It would also be cool if the feature had a way allow non-subscribers to participate, and give them a taste of why the need Strava live track.


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