Set annual goal not working on mobile

Can anyone help? My mobile app feature to set an annual goal won't work. I scroll to the distance I would like my goal to be and press ok but it doesn't stay and asks me again to set an annual goal. I am a Summit member



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  • Me too. The amount we pay for Summit, this should be working!

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  • Seems like a recent regression bug. I'm able to see and set my annual goals on the desktop, but not in the android app.

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  • I have the same problem. It's ok on the web page. I imagine there has been an update to the Android app. Hopefully it will sort its self out ... soon.

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  • Me too.
    Had previously set the goals in the app.
    Noticed a few weeks ago that they had disappeared. Tried resetting them in the app. - didn't work.
    Checked online, they are still there.
    Have tried many times since in the app to no avail.
    Strava are to busy trying to protect their income and shut down Relive to actual sort out problems in their software for paying customers.
    Shame on you strava.
    My membership might be about to be cancelled and I will probably start solely using Relive instead...
    Strava will probably have the arrogance to say "go on then" but there in, lies their problem.

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