S10+ Strava issues

I got a new S10+ to replace my Note 8 this weekend and Strava will not work with my Wear OS watch. I had no issues with my Note 8 and my wear os watch but for whatever reason the S10 and my wear os watch will not sync strava workouts. I have followed the online instructions several times and reset both devices numerous times to no avail. Here are my basic steps:

1) Install Strava on my S10+

2) Sign into my Strava profile on the S10+

3) Take Wear OS and download / install the Strava app

4) Open Wear OS Strava app and then I'm linked to my phone to do a online sign in / authorization for Strava.

5) The Wear OS watch and S10+ at this point both have Strava linked to my profile.

6) I record a workout on the watch and nothing syncs to my phone. The phone or watch do not give error messages and it appears as if everything is fine.

Anybody have any ideas? I heard that this may be a battery saver S10 issue but playing with all of these settings doesn't seem to help.



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